Coming home to silence

It’s been awhile since I have written about the mini snow puffs. They are already in their 8th week and almost all except for the girl have gone to their respective homes. It’s a really weird feeling, one day the house is full of poo and pee, excited barking and tugging at my pants. A lot of licks and furry kisses showered upon day in and out and now I come home to silence. I feel heavy in my heart and the spring in my walk is gone. Now I no longer look forward to opening the garage door, hoping to get ‘attacked’. My hand reaches to the door knob but I don’t turn it, lost in thought and not so distant memories. I catch myself day dreaming and decide not to open that door. As I take a step back to walk to my room I hear a lone puppy howl and remember that I still have one more to take care of!

I open the door and there she is standing right in front of it patiently waiting for me to pick her up to give her a cuddle. The adult Samo’s rush through the garage door when they hear me croon to the puppy. All 3 are barking excitedly now and I feel so much better. I wonder if this is how parents feel when their children have left the nest to find their own adventures? All is not lost as I still have one more to baby after .

One more just for me.

Photos of the past.

Till Then



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2 responses to “Coming home to silence

  1. liyang

    She is adorable..miss them all

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