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Went to watch Ironman 2 last night and I must say I enjoyed it a lot. As usual Robert Downey Junior owned the role and Gwyneth Paltrow was no push over as ‘Pepper Potts’. I like the movie only because I loved the characters in the show. I like the chauffeur/body guard ‘Happy’ (played by Jon Favreau) who also happens to be the Director of the movie. I loved Scarlett Johansson in there as ‘Black Widow’ (seriously thought she kicked ass and from a conversation I overheard she ends up dating Daredevil- MOH and Ken  were having a comic geek talk well mostly Ken). Even the baddie was cool, but I did thought the first few scenes were a bit stilted and kinda awkward and in a word, crappy. But as all things that start out crap the only way to go from there is up and the movie continued its momentum into this gigantic battle which would have been more satisfying if the baddie had been more bad ass in his own fight scenes. I thought Mickey Rourke was a good actor to play Ivan Vanko (I thought he was called Wanko so I giggled each and every time he said his name) and he would be perfect for darker type of shows. He has the face, the voice, the small beady eyes and over plumped lips to make looking bad look so very ugly and nasty.

Speaking of fight scenes some of the battles were glorious with all the necessary ingredients to make fight scenes oh so much fun;  guns, fast cars, said fast cars blowing up and flying all over the place, hot women, serious women, bad bad man and then add the secret recipe to that mix Mr Robert Downey Junior. It just doesn’t get any better then that. General consensus from the group Debz, Kel, Ken and MOH movie was good and some might say even better then the first Iron Man movie. I actually agree with that sentiment. Watch it in the cinema as the sound is loud enough to cover all the popcorn chewing and slurpee slurping mayhem that comes with plonking yourself in a public area.  All in all Ironman 2 was definitely worth it and I got my $$$ worth.

Since we are on the subject of $$$, I spent a lot of moolah to go watch Russell Peters last Saturday. Everyone seems to love the show except for me. I found the opening show much more funny and to show that I am not a party pooper some parts of Russell Peters show was funny as hell but the rest were just ‘meh -_-‘. He focused a lot on the front row audiences and made fun of how they look, what they wore, where they were from and then proceeded to joke about their home country if he had visited the place. He loved LOVED to pick on the Saudi’s and I gotta admit some of his jokes were pretty funny. It was quite an impromptu act but it also looked very disorganized. He even mentioned about 3 times throughout the show that he has no idea what he’s doing  pauses (waits for the laughter to die down) and then says “Ah, who give a sh*t, I don’t give a sh*t”. Nice I paid $$$ to see a guy who doesn’t give a sh*t about his performance. I think the saving grace of the whole show (just barely) was his ending act which was the best, loved it! It was a joke about his father which ended with the very classis “Somebody’s gonna get hurt real bad”. With the ending aside he did not go back to any of his old work that night and I heard that he stopped doing jokes about his father ever since he passed away 2 years ago. That was a shame as I think the funniest acts are usually taken from ones own personal views and experiences but told with a twist. That’s why I love Chris Rock so much! He wants to spread the word about what he thinks about the world, his life, the government, the poor, the rich, his own people, his faith and everything in between and he does it with a ‘no prisoners taken’ kind of style.

So anyhoo, I digress. If Russell is ever in your area don’t let me stop you from going to see his show as a lot of people thought it was a good show especially those who have never been to a comedy show before. I personally thought I have seen better acts but as MOH said “It was a good chance to see him live after watching him on Youtube all these years”. Well I don’t know about that…

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