MUMO-15th of May 2010 showdown

Haven’t seen or heard much from Mumo, the blogs are ok but what got me hooked were the Youtube videos and that hasn’t been updated for like, since ages. So mean! They get you hooked and then they leave you high and dry. What has been happening? How are the preparations going? Is this not to be shared with the public who have visited the website from the very beginning. I tell you there must be alot of them (myself included) cause if you read the comments (some are hilarious, others are just stupid) people take this competition very seriously. Some are like me wannabe event commentators and EVERYONE I mean EVERYONE has an opinion or two, some even go so far as to not only critique how the event is organised they even dare to criticize the girls. I only got 123456…nevermind I cannot count! I only have a few things to say la to this people “Eh brader if you think the girls are not beautiful enough you go find a liang moi and groom her and try to get her to join la if you think you so professional.” Comment la about the dress, the hair, the makeup, the lighting, the photography, the video, the way the show is organised, what you feel is lacking from the website or more helpful stuff you know. Commenting on how the girls look i.e not pretty enough, cannot make it la, so fat, so skinny, face too big, head too big etc is damn annoying la to me who genuinely likes this sort of competitions. Honestly la right, it takes balls of steel NO! Tits of PLATINUM to do this sort of thing! To be in the public eye exposed to people who think themselves experts but don’t even have a photo of themselves to show their face as they add a comment on the MUMO page.

Aiyah don’t get angry mah this is only my opinion. Cannot meh? I am not defending anybody here it’s just that if  it was so easy to organise an event like this, get the right girls to join, have the right team and events to link the organisation to you don’t think every TOM DICK AND HARRY (speaking of TOM DICK & HARRY I heard there is this awesome pub that has just opened and they call themselves Tom, Dick & Harry or TDH for short go check them out and let me know if it’s good) Anyhoo, I digress, if so easy to organise anyone also can do la. So instead of flapping your mouth without first thinking a logical and coherent thought to contribute to this competition best to shut up first.

I am not what you say marah-marah and sometimes what I write seems rude and angry but no la! I am the most amicable chick you will ever know -_-. You know what is funny? I am sure while people like me comment about the competition and flapping our mouths (and fingers away on the keyboard) the organisers must be thinking “Muthafulat!  This people think they know everything! If so easy why don’t they do it???” Then the participants also should be like “Ugh! How can they say this sweet body of mine is fat??? I want to see what this muthafulat looks like and tell him/her/it/ladyboy/flatchested girl who can’t get a date tell that to me to my face!”

lol! Ok la I am being mean but if it was me and I read all those comments (what I wrote included) I’d be pissed as bro! Like a fat boy whose ice cream got snatched!

Am I making sense? Nope, I didn’t think so.

It’s Friday tommorow!

Till Then

p/s To those who are attending the Gala Night/ MUMO Grand Final 2010 this Saturday 15th of May 2010  and you have a blog, don’t be shy to upload the photos from the night cause you know, I’ll be there and be your number 1 fan.

Nite all.


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  1. liyang

    I was searching for more videos too…

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