Dear A,

Dear A,

How are you? How has life been treating you? Are you still plowing through without a plan? Do you think life is treating you fairly? Any plans for the future? What about the plans for stardom, plans for a farm, plans for kids?  You can’t do it all you’ll wear yourself out, spread yourself too thin and you won’t get anything done.

I worry that the disappointment will kill you. Will it break you or will it make you stronger? I am excited to know! I read in the newspapers yesterday that a Korean mother was found dead in her home with her two beautiful daughters. An immigration officer found them in the house when they had missed an appointment with him. They notified the father who came back and arranged the funeral, the day before the funeral he was found dead in his car. I wonder if he did it because he was now all alone in the world, did he blame himself? Did he think that he could have prevented it? Did he kill himself because he would be shamed in his home country? I really wonder why he did it.

They said the mother was depressed as she couldn’t handle the immigration all by herself while her husband was in Korea . I wonder why she had to bring her daughters with her, the death boat to the other side should be quite full with their arrival. I wonder what could have been done to avoid this? The Korean community here will set up a help line for mothers who are staying here while their children study to help them with their loneliness and perhaps sense of alienation from the community. I don’t know if that will help, I wonder why we always try to find the cure when we should be finding ways to prevent it. It’s always too late.

Ha! How morbid am I eh? I wanted this to be cheery and cheerful but like most things in life change is often inevitable.

Write to me soon.



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  1. liyang

    I was really saddend by this news too.

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