DBKK Unduk Ngadau Winner

Congratulations Connie! All the best in the state level competition!

By the way I had no idea your name was Lydia!!! Love the costume which part of Sabah is it from? Connie was definitely one of the girls that stood out in the competition with her doe like features and sweet smile I am sure she wowed the judges and audiences alike with her demeanor.

Love her costume! I wonder if it is from Kuala Penyu or Tuaran, can someone tell me from which district does this costume hail?

Like all beauty competitions some of the results were baffling!

This is Jaslina Kaur and I think she is absolutely gorgeous I am so surprised she did not get into the top 3!  According to Vincent she did really well in the Q&A session but in the end was only placed at number 6. @_@ What the… From the premilinary rounds to the finals looking at the photos she was one of the participants that really stood out.

*mumble mumble* so weird…*number 6 only..*mumble mumble*

That aside! Congratulations once again to Connie and may you achieve greater success in the State finals held in KDCA.

All photos taken without permission from Vincent’s facebook page.

Till Then



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15 responses to “DBKK Unduk Ngadau Winner

  1. s

    she looks a lot like u!

    • Yeah alot of people say that but she’s the skinnier version.

      lol 🙂

      • Christal Connie @ Lydia

        Hey Audrey , i juz saw dis by google it .. hahaha .. your pray comes true at least im top 3 .. this costume is from Kota Belud district . Well , you are my truely sis dats why looks alike! :))))

      • Hi beautiful! How are you? Yeah, when I saw your photos I knew you would be one of the winners (if not the ultimate winner). Sisters, we definitely look alike babe it’s the Kadazan blood, that’s why 🙂

  2. Sue Ellen

    The costume that Connie wore during the competition is from KB district.

  3. vie

    the costume dat connie wear is from kota belud..its Dusun tindal’s traditional costume

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  5. huminodun 2007

    wakakakakakak…………..sumandak talawa……aramaiti……………….

  6. jaslinder dhillon

    hi, i’m jaslinder…well for me, its really ok for me to be the 5th runner up…maybe the judge is looking for smtg else…beauty is in the eye of the beholder 🙂 btw, thanks for the compliments 🙂

  7. poulin

    Nak tanya bila pemilihan sugandoi dbkk 2011? macam mana mo tinguk info nyer?

    • Hmm indak tau oh 😦 Tapi ko tunggu skjap saya tanya kawan sia yang join last year. Nanti saya email ko, bulih?

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply!!! My friend said “Tonight is the last to register n selection . Tonight 7 pm come to Dewan masyarakat to register, bring own cd and rm5 fee” But that was for Friday 😦 Sorry lambat come back to you

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