Pancake island

We woke up at 3am to get ready and wait for Mitch, his dad and Cheryl to arrive at your place so we could go together to pick Pearce and Jo up before heading off to Kane’s place. However, Mitch and co were running late and after picking up Pearce and Jo we found that it was too late to drop by Kane’s so we texted and called him but he never answered his phone. So we thought we would meet him at Coromandel or maybe something really terrible has happened and they couldnt get to the phone at the moment (Kane is very very very serious about fishing. I always thought that Kane was born with a ciggy in his mouth and a rod in his clenched fist…no joke). So off we went to Coromandel without a second thought.

When we reached Coro at 7.25am (it’s a two and a half hour drive from Auckland) we get a phone call from Kane telling us he overslept and thought he had turned on his alarm only to find out he set it to ring at 4pm instead of 4am. Poor Kane, he’s exactly like Bronson when it comes to fishing and if Bronson had missed this trip he would have felt like shit so I can understand how Kane felt.


That definitely dampened our mood so we promised to organise another trip but that didn’t stop us from continuing with our trip. We reached the lodge at around 7.30am and proceeded to load the boat which was going to taxi us to Pancake island (I have never been there but MOH has and he caught a few snappers there so he was pretty confident that we could catch a few more). When we reached the island the first person to set up and cast was Mitch father who also was the first person to catch a fish that morning. From then on he fished non stop catching as much or even more fish then MOH! That is what you call dedication to your hobby 🙂 Mitch didn’t catch anything but Cheryl now Cheryl is another story altogether. She was the smallest in the group, but she was the only one who manage to hook up a King fish. It was quite funny seeing her trying to reel the big fish in with a rod that twice her height and heavy to boot! She reeled in the Kingy and it was so close that we could see how big it was! MOH jumped to the rocks below trying to make sure the line didn’t snap as it was rubbing against the rocks and before he could shout instructions to get Cheryl closer to the edge the line snapped and the ‘would have been’ first Kingy caught on the rocks for our group dissapeared into the depths on the ocean in flash of silver and yellow.

Stress -_- Mitch was most stressed out since he was the one who took over to help Cheryl when the line snapped (mitch is another crazy fisherman). Everybody else in group caught heaps of fish I think the tally would be about 35 snappers (not counting the ones we let go since they were not of legal size), 4 big kahawai, 2 Trevally and a few mao-mao’s which we let go.

It was good fun! There was some light showers throughout the day but that didn’t stop us from fishing. The water was crystal clear and we got to see some good diving action from the birds when a school of fish appeared in front of us (which is also one of the reasons why we manage to catch the Kahawai’s). We left the island at 2pm but only got to Auckland around 6.30pm. We had dinner with Eliza and Kane regaled them with our adventures and mishaps . We shared Kane’s pain in missing the awesome trip and then dragging ourselves home to rest and here I am now on my bed with my eyes half closed struggling to kep awak so tat I cn finis tis post……



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2 responses to “Pancake island

  1. swan

    o m g jealous!!! i also went fishing yesterday. sister chartered a boat out to gulf harbour for her birthday.

    15 of us and we only caught 2 kahawai T.T””” so diasppointing. had some smaller snappers which we couldn’t keep. sad. the skipper kesian us and gave us extra 3 kahawai which they caught the day b4 coz we didn’t catch many that day.

  2. so sad!!! We caught so much that we let some fishes go cause we wanted them to grow big and strong so that our next trip they would become bigger catches!

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