Weekend full of fun and pain

What a wonderful weekend I have had. On Saturday I had to wakeup at the unheard time of 8am to go to netball for a 9amfriendly which I still ended up being late for. I had so much fun that I skipped my 10am movie and continued to play with the old gang till 12.30pm. Then we rushed to Eliza and Kane’s housewarming party/lunch and had a fun time drinking orange juice under their newly built pagoda. The fact that it was windy and cold didn’t damper the mood one bit. It wasn’t even enough to stop us from having a really intense game of netball. 3 vs 3 with Kane refusing to play but insisted on passing the ball to us whenever he could -_-.

I broke 4 toe nails in the morning, got smacked in the jaw (still feels unhinged and can’t close my mouth fully) after Bronson tried to block me from accepting a pass. Sometimes I feel that netball can get as rough as rugby and even as dirty. Kelvin and Eliza were on my team with Bronson, Pearson and Jo on the other. So much fun!

Then Sunday morning we woke up at 3am to go fishing in Coromandel. So much things happened and I will tell you all about it soon.

An exciting thing happened to me today on the island and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Till Then


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