So its been another 2 weeks

so its been another 2 weeks and i thought i should update u
tati has been a mischief maker!  her first and hopefully last escape attempt happened last thursday… we think she chased a cat who ran under the house… she then dug a hole, waltzed under the house and went straight out the front gate!  she must have then followed someone walking to the bus and ended up on the caltex forecourt which we live next to… the kind people who work there caught her and gave her to a vet that was passing thru… so we all get back about 1 and find no Tati!… after frantic calls to the pound and the SPCA and a couple of drives around the neighbourhood, we popped into caltex as a last resort to c if they saw her escape… nd we got a phone number and 1/2 hour after we started the search, we got her back!
so it would be good if we could get her registration details and her microchip certificate so i can change it over into my name!
so that weekend we boarded up the bottom of the house and we now close the front gates… so there is no way she can escape by herself nemore… i think i aged about 10 years in the 1/2 hour she was missing!
training is goin good, we got a halti that goes around her face and she is gradually learning to heel… she has an extreme fascination with small dogs and cats… has she always had that?
she also has a new favourite toy


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