Unduk Ngadau 2010-Msaudrey predicts the winners (ahbutthen)

Well, I am in a blogging mood and I miss home so what better way to spend my time then to predict who will win the Unduk Ngadau 2010 this year. From memory Unduk Ngadau is held every year during the Harvest Festival that is held in Sabah in May.  Every year beautiful local girls from all over Sabah and Kuala Lumpur go through the district competitions to qualify for the State competition where only the best vie for the Crown and title of Unduk Ngadau.

Following the footsteps of Legends
When the earth was plagued by the seven scourges sent down by the deity Kinorohingan to punish mankind for their sinful ways. The seventh scourge was drought and famine which threatened to end all life on earth. Kinorohingan’s only daughter Ponompuan, also referred to as Huminodun, took pity on mankind’s plight and sacrificed herself to end the famine that had plagued her father’s people. Her body parts were planted as seeds and became rice, the staple food source of the people. Thus the importance of rice in the lives of the Kadazandusun, as rice embodies the spirit of Huminodun who sacrificed herself to save humanity.

Padi, because it is part of Huminodun, embodies a sacred spirit namely “Bambaazon” or in some dialects “Bambarayon” and so during Harvest festival or Kaamatan, the Kadazandusuns regard it befitting to hold a feasting celebration to honor Bambaazon. In turn the Bambaazon is believed to improve the harvest every year.

Taken from Ethnic Beauty Contest

Personally, I think Unduk Ngadau is a wonderful way in keeping our traditions alive. Although it does have its usual dramas that are associated with most beauty pageants the difference with this pageant is that it started from the roots. From long held beliefs of the people and has very strong ties with the locals of Sabah. Kotobian Do Tagazo Do Kaamaatan (bah don’t kill me if I said/spell this wrongly ya). I am a proud Sino Kadazan and I think that Sabah and it’s people “paling best la orang bilang” but anyhoo, enough of me talking away lets get on to the more important parts.

So! I saw this link from Facebook  which is owned by George Duat who as far as I can see appears to be a professional photographer. In his Facebook he posted photos of the all the contestants in all their glory. The costumes that they are wearing usually show you which district and tribe that they are from. However, it is not unusual for contestants to wear costumes from different districts as the costumes are picked to highlight their best assets. For more info on George you can check out his blog.

Below are my top 7 ( in no particular order) as there are  7 spots to be won every year. I don’t know what the names are for most of the ladies. If you do know bah jangan malu-malu to share your knowledge 🙂

Unduk Ngadau DBKK 2010


Unduk Ngadau Pitas Tahun (where is Pitas Tahun?- I need to ask my mum)

Unduk Ngadau Keningau 2010

Unduk Ngadau Penampang 2010

( This district is a pageant powerhouse with 26 of the previous winners of Unduk Ngadau coming from there)

Unduk Ngadau Kudat 2010

Unduk Ngadau Tg Aru 2010

Crystal Eve

Unduk Ngadau Beaufort 2010

Not surprisingly Jaslinder Kaur manage to win a district and qualified for the finals. This is not surprising as it is considered normal for contestants that fail to win in their chosen district to compete in another district. Free for all I say! 🙂                             Read about what I had to say about Jaslinders first competition here

Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2010

I did say I would pick 7 right but Unduk Ngadau Tuaran is so pretty so I threw her into the list as the wild card. Now this beauty pageant is not all about beauty you know. Its a combination of beauty, intelligence, spiritual beliefs and who you know that will make a difference. Who do you think is going to win? Let me know and it doesn’t have to be one of the ladies that I picked. It could be another contestant from the pageant whom you think I should have a second look at. Good luck to all the contestants during the finals at the end of this month!

Bah, itu saja la.

Till Then



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18 responses to “Unduk Ngadau 2010-Msaudrey predicts the winners (ahbutthen)

  1. they all look great!! but babes, when can we see your photos from when you won?

  2. hello… kopivosian 🙂

    so, who won?? im curious!

    Kotobian Tadau Kaamatan.

  3. dude


    actually its only Pitas..coz tahun will be ‘year’ in english.

    pitas is somewhere to the north of sabah.if you can imagine sabah map, pitas will be somewhere near the ear of the dog, where kudat is the other ear

  4. Cassiddy James

    Tg. Aru won the 2010 Unduk Ngatau

  5. dude

    i was hoping the UN from Pitas, looks very charming, and also the one from KB, tambunan and kudat..

    about time the winner is someone not from those powerhouse districts (penampang,tuaran,papar,kk)..but what to do the judge decision is final

  6. zecho

    Congratz to the winner…although i heard that one of the judges is from the same district…(sort of relative to the winner)

    • ooooo, scandalous if it’s true

    • Yaya_boy

      Acctually its not true, few judges are from Kl,Inanam, Tambunan and Peter dicky lee is from Tawau. And they don’t share the same last name as the winner..I think she won fairly. Nobody can win if they did badly even if they have a powerful background, Etc. so I guess she deserves the tittle because she did her best =) have a great day

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