Unduk Ngadau 2010- Won by Crystal Eve wakil Tanjung Aru

The new title holder of Unduk Ngadau Dua Ribu Sepuluh is:



Congratulations to this years winner.

May she use this oppoturnity to her best advantage.

Hello all,

So after badgering my sister and getting some latest news on the blogs of fellow Sabahans and Unduk Ngadau enthusiast and fellow commentator on my very own blog (Thank you to Cassiddy James for letting me know who won! Tarima Kasih manyak-manyak oh!). I found out who won the top 7 places in the competition and I gotta say if I had put money where my mouth is I would have gotten a few hundred bucks for my effort. 5 out 7 is not a bad effort 🙂

Ho ho ho…*cough

And the top 7 spots are won by:-
7th-UN Likas
6th-UN Pitas
5th-UN Tambunan
4th-UN Tuaran
3rd-UN KK (Woo hoo! Go, Connie!)
1st-UN Tanjung Aru

Thanks to Suzanne Tham for the list and if you want to check out who got into the Top 15 click here. Below are the photos of the winners excluding the Unduk Ngadau starting from second place to the seventh. Jangan lupa klik itu gambar kalo kamurang mau photo BAASSSSSARRRRR

Tempat Kedua (2nd Place)

Unduk Ngadau Penampang

Miss Rochelle Fayrenie

Tempat Ketiga (3rd Place)
Unduk Ngadau KK
Miss Lydia

Tempat Keempat (4th Place)

Unduk Ngadau Tuaran

Miss Ledesma Steven

Tempat Kelima (5th Place)

Unduk Ngadau Tambunan

Miss Hannevy Vivie W  Harry

Tempat Keenam (6th Place)

Unduk Ngadau Pitas

Miss Elforina Jolius

Tempat Ketujuh (7th Place)

Unduk Ngadau Likas

Miss Debra Fiona Alexius

I can’t really comment on the results as I only have a few photos to go by but from the photos I can see that Crystal Eve was literally glowing in the photos and I have to say that my Top 3 would have been UN KK, UN Tanjung Aru and UN Tuaran. This years prepresentative for Penampang was ok- ok la you know but jan percaya sia! Since I wasn’t there for the Q & A. I wonder who was the crowd favourite and if the results were met with approval by all? Ada yang tidak puas hati ka? Bah jangan malu-malu kasitahu.

Till next year!

Bah apa lagi? Paaarrrttttaayyyyy la!

Till Then

All the photos were taken from this 3 sources
Link: Unduk Ngadau MsDigi 2010
Link: Alfian Robert Facebook page
Link: George Duat facebook page



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3 responses to “Unduk Ngadau 2010- Won by Crystal Eve wakil Tanjung Aru

  1. nah, Tg. Aru juga la harapan, happy harvest festival 2010~

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