People in the media

I have always wanted to write her a letter just to ask her advice on how to do certain things but more often  than not my pride would get in the way and I always think to myself “people like her are busy and they will think that your just trying to kiss a$$” so with that self defeating thought I always end up saving my email as a draft, never to be seen again.

However, I was surfing through the internet to find better photos of the Unduk Ngadau winners when I stumbled onto this post about Daphne and snippets of her childhood. I felt really, really homesick then but it also made me feel joyful that I am not the only one who thinks Sabahans tend to tolerate each other more. We don’t really focus on who is Malay and who is Chinese or Indian. Everyone is so mixed it’s hard to tell anyway! I thought I was being naïve and living in la la land. But yes, I would like to share with you the post and with it you might have a slight understanding of where I come from as some of her views and experiences about our hometown are quite similar.


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