So, I haven’t been updating much as my previous posts all seemed to have such depressing undertones and every time I feel like uploading the post I always end up deleting it. Life is filled with angst, fear and insecurities and I didn’t want to add anymore to that. I guess I would like to keep this blog as upbeat as possible. If you have been visiting my wedding blog you will see that I am slowly updating it and improving the layout. Just minor things like links, pages and what information I should provide. I feel like I overload people with information sometimes so I want to make the site more user friendly and easy to understand. If you have noticed MOH has wanted to participate a bit more in the blogging side of things and has uploaded his first post on what he thinks is most important about the wedding. Do check it out here.


I am so keen for fishing this month but I have to take care of my skin as the weather here is brutal. Even when I slather myself with sun block I still get a tan. Right now my lips are peeling and I have a suspicious feeling that I got sun burnt there! Ah fishing! I can’t wait for Sunday so that I can just laze in bed or go out for a walk (it really depends how the weather is on Sunday).

Till Then


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