To my sister

Although its good that your friends have enough balls to tell you what they think of you it really is better if you could surround yourself with people who have the guts to tell you that you are acting like a bitch when you are acting like a bitch. Here, now, in the moment and not dwell on the past. Telling/confessing to you after the fact that you have changed is very much like airing their tidak puas hati with you and gossiping in the guise of telling you the ‘truth’.

I hope you will find friends like I have who tell me how it is and yet did not talk about our differences with other people. A friendship that was imperfect but we worked at it like a relationship. My beautiful young sister! How I wish I could share with you my memories, painful and sad so that you may not make the mistakes I  made and learn from my  memories. Know that the amount of friends you have does not necessarily mean quality of life for yourself. I hope you find the true meaning of friendship and pick those who will love you with all your thorns and even if they bleed as they hold onto you, know that they are there because they want to be with you and you with them for no other reason but to bask in their existence.

Much love


p/s I know you will disagree but I can only try.


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