Actually- I torture you with my malay first

Before I go off to watch some anime, I wanted to let this off my chest.

I went for a temuduga ( I speak in Malay in case my orang besar di kerja baca sia punya blog) you know? Anyhoo, I went for a TEMUDUGA and it was fun, but man was it long! 10am to 10pm and then I was asked to go to this blog before I even contemplate berfoya-foya dengan itu syarikat. I checked the blog and it is full of  komentari negatif dari pekerja syarikat tersebut yang pernah kerja di sana ataupun masih di syarikat tersebut tapi mereka guna blog tersebut untuk merungut dan memberitahu itu public yang interested untuk apply itu kerja (mereka mau macam kasih warning la bahawa syarikat tersebut sangat the nasty). Lu paham whatda imma saying? ok.

-_- I thought I hit the jackpot where if I work  hard I earn alot at the same time.

Muthafulat…Back to the drawing board part 345.

By the way I got through the second round and they will call me tomorrow to let me know if I got it. Will let you know soon 😛

Till Then



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2 responses to “Actually- I torture you with my malay first

  1. Doidogok..

    Haha.. it’s so Funny!!

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