Apa dah jadi?

Adakah a super hard core sales job (dodgy company) also I cannot get a job offer?

Low self esteem= all time low.

This comes to mind the question what does a girl got to do to know what the hell her purpose in life is? What makes her tick? How does one find out what one loves to do and make it into a life career? I need someone who knows it all to tell me the answer or at least point me the way. Man, I’m super tired of all this running around in my head. The questions, the doubts, the need to succeed, the need to not succeed, the need to just be myself, the need to know myself, the need to just be…

I’m grasping at straws here at the moment, life is not getting me down but it is as hard as I thought it to be. To have ones cake and be able to eat it too! Do I need to travel the world to find out what I need to do? I wish it would just hit me on the head right now! Right this instant so that I can get a move on and not waste my youth (oh the spring time of my youth is here- Audz does a bellydance).

…I digress

I wish I knew what I had to do to get to  my happy place. Some say the journey is one that everyone must take. BUT can I not cheat and get a map so I know where I’m going?



I unveil to you my emoticons for 2010! I call this collection the ANGUS MAXIMUS’s

Ok bye, I go suck thumb, sleep and maybe my life won’t look like it sucks so much in the daytime. I mean what the hell! People are dying everyday, war is happening in some gawd forsaken country, AIDS is rampaging across the countryside. I have food on my table, shelter, dogs, a man who is useful sometimes, work that is killing me softly with boredom. I mean what else do I need in life?

…Ok that did not put things into perspective at all. I just sound/am a spoiled brat.

I want my mummy!

Till Then


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One response to “Apa dah jadi?

  1. haha, no wonder u liked my blog post… we were thinking the same thing!

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