Li Yang comes to town

I was an hour and a half late for my appointment with the gang yesterday (I think I set a new record for being late). Sorry! I finished dinner late, took ages to get ready and got lost on my way to pick Del up. Sorry, sorry. It was good catching up with everyone and although the city was quite dead we manage to get our dancing shoes on and dance the night away. By the time I dropped everybody off I only got home around 4am. Good night out.

This is a new look for Jason. I will call it “my pants is too tight, should I unbutton it or not” look.

Del and James. James loved the camera so much that he asked me to take another photo of him

James so the kawaii.

Nice photo of Stefan, J and James

Trust me babe, you do not want me to show your face here.

And what the hell is wrong with me??? I have an issue with my weight for goodness sake.

Yo-yo weight problem folks! Insecurities aside, don’t the girls look gorgay?

What a unique light feature. I would so get that for my dining area.

Starting the night on a good note.

Yean, Stefan, Nat, LY & Grace

Perfect party people to hang out with.


Don’t need alcohol to dance like no ones watching.

Walking back to the car after a good night out and not realising that it was already 3 in the morning.

Till Then



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7 responses to “Li Yang comes to town

  1. liyang

    thanks for the lovely times…and also nto showing my face in the picture, I am pretty sure I can get it really wrong on the camera sometimes. Miss ya already.

  2. junaidi

    Is that Delima in photo? I havent seen her in years, heck havent seen YOU in years.

    how’ve you been?

  3. Ken

    Hahah….wish i were there!!!

  4. Ken

    Lies! Hey I came out every time la so far!!!

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