I had a passport photo

I had a passport photo of myself that I thought I look hella good (perfect skin, slim face, hair behaving itself). I showed it to my colleague one day when we were out shopping together. I passed the passport sized photo to her waiting for her to exclaim in awe at my beauty. (Nostrils flared @-@ HO HO HO!) until I heard her say

“Wow! you really had pasty white skin, why do you Asians like to look like that.”

Needless to say my crash back to earth was a painful one. Goodbye Ego.

Till Then



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4 responses to “I had a passport photo

  1. because we don’t want to be looking like 50 year olds when we’re 30? have you seen the sun-worshippers when they hit their 40s? They look like my Prada handbag…

  2. hahahahahahahhaah…wait…you have a prada handbag??? sugoi!!!

  3. but it’s true!! esp in oz, cos we have the ozone hole and LOTS of ppl who like sunbathing. aiyeeerrrr, so scary some of the ones I see kena admitted to hospital cos so ghairah want to sunbathe. There was once this woman, the skin on her face so nice, and then from neck downwards really like leather handbag. How can nice like that? Ish. I rather stay pale than look like my handbag, i prefer carrying it than wearing it thank you!

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