Another wonderful email on my puppies!

I just got news on the female puppy now named Dolca (pronounced Dol-Ceh).


shes had her shots including her chip . shes getting registered next week.

shes growing up fast as you can see in the pictures.

shes eating well has a charater thats forsure..

she knows who her mummy is and that pretty kool

ive found shes actually very intelligent shes very good with her nose and ears.

she thinks the vacum cleaner is a monster haha her bark is very deep now.

and shes very fluffy.

shes getting use to her baths now..

shes been fleaed and wormed. so thats good and my dad whos a vet said she very healthy now.

shes probley but on about 5kgs i think and shes got very long legs and torso.

shes very good at jumping and playing with pumps.

shes not at the trouble 2s i think

shes nearly got her toilet trainng sorted.. and she plays with the next door dog every so often.

i took her to pauinui and she loved it.. she had a walk though the water and played in the sand digging away. hahah so some of the pictures are of her and my mums dog sachi. after their adventures..

she knows sit lye down and hand shake.. everybody loves her and from the pictures you send me shes growen so much..

she loved her cuddles and tickles which she probley gets alot more than any other dog. i think she knows shes the only child becasue i noticed when first got her she snatched her food. and now she eats very slowly..

ive put her on  well her diet includes over the months

champ pump dog food,
diced beef,
pet milk
cold water
Eukanuka puppy medium
and Eukanuka puppy sensitive skin (adds shine to their coats)
and left overs from us (which she loves)

she loved fruit weridest thing maderines,apples are her favorite and she loves tomotoes

i give her one egg a week to give her strong bones..

i take her for a walk most days. and finally shes okey with the leash hahah..

she interacts really well with other dogs and young children so thats good.. and she loves cuddles.

she also loves to be under things which is werid but okey she likes sleeping under the bed table but i guess that faze will gap once shes bigger..

she also knows when shes in trouble.. haha

other than thats shes growing up to be a beautiful girl. and ill send u more pictures once shes a lil older


thanx nae


Hmm, this lady sure writes a funny kind of email. Oh well, I’m just glad to get photos and update on the pup 🙂

Till Then


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One response to “Another wonderful email on my puppies!

  1. liyang

    it is the funneist email I have read in a while, the lady got a style in writing. Almost like a kid’s writing.

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