Fishing on a cold winter morning is…torturous.

Woke up at 4am in the morning with only 3 hours sleep from the night before waiting for the boys to finish rigging up their rods. Got to the spot at around 6am after a 40 minute drive followed by a 40 minute walk to the fishing area. We walked through the beach with the tide high and the waves crashing into us. I would have laughed if it didn’t feel so dangerous with only the moon to guide us and one measly torchlight to light the way for 5 people. After passing through slippery stones and getting our shoes wet we traipsed over private farmland and rolling hills which the moonlight magnified. It felt surreal and wonderful at the same time. From grass to sand I find myself at the top of the hill looking down to see that we had reached a small beach at high tide, waves crashing and no where to go forward. It looked like a dead end. Kane was at the bottom and when we were all there he said to ‘time the waves and make a run for it when it’s clear’ I can see him running in the dark and he jumps onto a rock that could barely fit two people and proceeds to climb up a huge flat boulder with a 10kg backpack (packed tight with bait and burley). He gets stuck there for what seems like eternity, we get worried and MOH makes a run for it. He and Kane struggle and much to our horror Kane falls down after losing his grip but he seems unhurt as he bounces back on to the rock. Together they manage to haul the back pack up the boulder and get themselves to the top. That done, it was our turn, Ferren went first, mis-timed the wave and got soaked. She scrambles up the rock and monkey grips MOH and up she goes. My turn came soon after and I had more issues climbing then she did. I didn’t realise the boulder was so smooth and hardly anything to grip on. It’s a wonder how Kane and MOH got the bag and themselves up this thing. After much maneuvering I find myself at the top looking down and it is quite high…too high. Daniel comes up last without much difficulty.

We walk and climb for another 5-8 minutes and we reach a cove where the sun is just about to rise and the view is amazing! We proceed to fish at the edge while getting soaked by the waves. They were huge! So huge that one particularly big one came crashing and almost swept all our gear away. The good thing is none of us were there at the time as we were all busy putting fresh bait or rigging up our rods. The bad thing is we lost half of our bait, burley, some fishing gear and most of our catch from the earlier fishing session. By 11am we have already started packing as the wind has grown stronger and the sun has almost disappeared, swallowed up by the dark rain clouds.

Walking back was not as slow since we had daylight to see with and not walking half blind in the moon light. With our bags laden with gear and catches from the day (it was a fruitful day) we walked bag to our cars. Just as we got into the car it started raining really hard…I can’t imagine what it would have been like to get stuck in that awful weather while walking back from the fishing spot -_-…nightmare.

When we got back the first thing we did was clean the gear, cut the fishes and then had a nice short shower. We headed to Kane’s parents place where we proceeded to stuff ourselves silly and walked it all off at the reserve which is just outside Kane’s parents lovely home. I didn’t have time to take photos when we were fishing but manage to take a few of our walk in the park. Before I proceed let me first add that I fell flat on my ass after I went after Murphy in the estuary. I slipped on some very wet steps covered with green goop/slime (nice~).

This hole in the rock used to be  a jail in Whitianga.

A French woman leaves in that house and the only way to get there is by boat.

Murphy takes a nap during the 2 and a half hour drive back to Auckland

Till Then



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2 responses to “Fishing on a cold winter morning is…torturous.

  1. liyang

    Dont ever make me read on the news saying one Malay fishing woman missing on the sea…do you guys ever tie yoruself with a rope or something>??

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