It feels wonderful

It’s Friday and if you have nothing planned for the weekend then you should check this blog out Tokyo Through The Drinking Glass

A woman talking about the Japanese culture, her love for sake and good food. Prepare to get hungry for culture, exotic dishes and alcohol.

Excerpt from one of her post “Make a wish”

“This rock,” he said, pointing to a large elliptical stone, “is very heavy. Pick it up and then make a wish.”

“Okay,” I said, after a few minutes of deliberation. The rock was indeed very heavy.

“Pick up the rock again. If it feels lighter, your wish will come true.”

I tried it a second time.

“Is it lighter?”

“Um,” I muttered, straining to lift the stone. “Maybe a bit, yes.”

“Perhaps,” he weighed his words carefully and slid the rock back into place. “Perhaps your wish will come true. Actually, ishi can mean ‘stone’ but it also means ‘will.’ So to make your dream come true, you must work hard.”

Such is the nature of wish making in Japan.

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