I am so happy! The netball team that Swan and Rachel have been coaching got second place in the Bersatu Games! Amazing they totally outrank my team when we played for Bersatu (although I still think our players that year were the most awesomest la in terms of bond and skills):P

Wah! Shermayne was lucky enough to be able to attend the games and make a nuisance of herself and if you want to read all about it click here. I did manage to play a few games with them and I didn’t do much but I did have a lot of fun playing with the Ying Xuan (GS) and the defenders Lydia (GD) and Hui Wen (GK). I think in my whole time of playing netball the only time I really growled was at Shermayne and Hui Wen. Sorry Hui Wen I didn’t mean to be a grouch and I hope you did not take it the wrong way!

Wah so happy! I also don’t know why! Maybe it’s because I thought this years team had great potential but I did not think they would get a medal. Individually they played superbly. Eaach had their strengths and they were working it on the floor but together, together, they just fizzled. Dies down like a wet sparkler, fizzled out. They played as if they were blind to each other. Passing because they knew a familiar face, but what kind of passes does she like? What kind of passes does she not like? Fast? Slow? Low? High? Should I move here? Does she know I am going to do a fake? All this answers can be answered by doing only one thing, playing together as a team all the time.

Some girls are pretty onz and get to read the situation and other players style of play while playing. They then can deduce what to do on court and decide how to move and who to pass the ball to. People like this are found in all sorts of sports, football, basketball, soccer, hockey  to name a few and most of the time this kind of players are one of a kind and they are called “the game makers”. One can reach for the stars with a good game maker but with the absence of one the team has to work extra hard and learn each others strengths and use it to their best advantage. From what I can read from Mayne’s blog it seems that the girls achieved a level of communication that enable d them to clinch SILVER! SILVER!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!


Back to work now. Yes I wrote this while I was at work, I was that excited!

Till Then


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