What if?

What if I was single again?

Would I be able to date again?

Would I be attractive to other men?

Would I even know where to start?

What if I had twins? What would I do?

What if I win $2000? What would I buy?

What if my bestfriend slept with MOH?

What if my brother tells me his gay?

What if my sister my sister runs away and marries an indian man?

What if I lose control of my car right now on the motorway?

What if I slap her face?

What if she slaps my face?

What if I could turn back time? What would I do?

Often when I’m alone I think about all sorts of things and my favorite time waster is playing the ‘what if?’ game

Till then



Filed under Auckland, Life

2 responses to “What if?

  1. liyang

    There is nothing wrong marrying an Indian dude, they can be hot as just like a Chineseman

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