Sundae afternoon

For the past two weeks we have been over at Eliza’s playing chor tai tee and gin rum mi. So fun! We end up staying till 5am and then I sleep in till 3pm get up, eat, get ready and go out again. Two weeks of this is enough for me and I feel like I fulfilled my party quota for the month. I was never much into parties…Jeremy made a comment that tickled my funny bone at dinner last week after netball.

Eliza: “eh, you free this Friday or Saturday? Come play card with us”

Jeremy”uh….no I’m a good boy”

Eliza:??? “so you mean we are not good people la for playing cards?”

JEremy: “oh! oh! that is not what I meant!”

Eliza: “well that was what you were implying!”

Audrey: *choking on a piece of barbequed beef

I don’t get it, I drink abit, play cards a bit, swear alot and people think I’m a wild child and hang out with sharks? Anyhoo, I just thought it was funny.

Everything wedding has been put on hold for the moment and I have no idea why! The days are just whizzing by and I have to get my ass into gear! COme on Audrey!

lol. I feel like a sundae right now.

Till Then


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