Can I speak to Audrey?

“Yes, Audrey speaking”
“Hi this is Mooks from Hitz FM, are you free to talk”
“Yeah I thought I try my luck and see if your available to meet up next week in KK for an interview? You made it as a finalist”
“oh really? I applied for that last year!”
“yeah, sorry about that alot of things happened. How serious are you about this role?”
“serious enough to migrate”
“oh ok, so are you free next week?
“Umm…no, but can we do a video conference instead?”
“oh? hmm well I will have to come back to you on that”
“yes please, and this good news I thought it was over”
“yeah, well I have your email so we will keep in touch if anything comes up”
“Yup, that would be nice”




It’s ok that I didn’t get it though, the fact is this shows that I still have what it takes to at least get my foot in the door (however small the crack is) and here I was praying for a sign. Thank you God.

Till Then



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8 responses to “Can I speak to Audrey?

  1. Did you mean…, MooTs??? =)
    btw, congratz for gettin the first foot in! Best wishes!

  2. bro

    so u mean u didnt get it? or still pending?

    • da audz

      hmmm most likely didn’t get it cause he did not sound keen at all for the video conference. But I hope i’m wrong!

  3. arghh.. I used to like Moots and his songs!~ haha.. The Popshuvit guy ! Just wait and see lar.. =)

  4. liyang

    hum very good news!

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