In the search for ambience

In my search to find a band to play during my wedding I stumbled on to an amazing website which highlighted the hidden and not so hidden talents of musicians from Sabah.

I found some realistic but very inspiring stories from the site. I found one that I particularly liked. And if you’re interested you can read about it here.

A funny thing is I actually know this guy, and we were quite close (close as in proximity and not due to us liking each other) at high school. He was the boyfriend of my best friend in high school and man, I didn’t like him then! But knowing what I know now he was just a typical teenager with raging hormones. If I’m honest with myself he was a pretty funny guy but he was so annoying! However, I found all guys similar to my age annoying at that time. It was a pleasant surprise to see his photo in the article, looking good and he looks so much better now. He was all legs and hair in high school and now he looks like a man. Funny what time and a good haircut does.

Anyhoo, I thought this was a really nice article on what one has to do to find their calling in life. I found it inspirational and affirms the fact that we always have options in life.

Till Then



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8 responses to “In the search for ambience

  1. sabahsongs

    You post made me happy 🙂 Hope you found a band for your wedding.

  2. Hey. I know that Moses guy! He was in my Mandarin class back in UMS. Wow, I didn’t know he went so far to find his calling. I kept seeing him around with his guitar!

  3. sabahsongs

    Audrey, you might be married already! But if not, and still looking for wedding bands, let me know. You can tell from my blog there are a lot of good musicians in KK. Take care.

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