As I get older I learn everyday what is important and what isn’t

My friends are so nice they even took the time to get me presents !

Swan got me this delicious fruit cake! Thanks Swan!

Grace got me this beautiful robe! Me love the peacock design, very oriental and oh so comfortable

Eliza and Kane made a kick ass mosaic king fish which has our house number on it. I am so afraid to hang it outside cause I’m pretty sure it’ll get stolen cause it’s so pretty!

This gift was so timely! Been eyeing the mooncakes at the grocery store whenever I am there to stock up but always held myself back. I’m glad I did cause these moon cakes that Meizi got for me kick ass!

Last but not least, my most favourite gift of all came in the mail today.

I’m so touched and I feel very very lucky to have a friend like her. All the way from Wellington! She also gave me two backstage passes to a popular show here in Auckland…will blog more about that one later 🙂 I had a really awesome birthday this year, actually this year is definitely better than last year in terms of the friendships and memories made.

Thank you to all who came to the dinner and to everyone who took the time to write birthday wishes to me on facebook and email. Hugs and Kisses to my two adorable and most gung ho netball kaki Swan and Shermayne! Me love you long time!

Much Love



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5 responses to “As I get older I learn everyday what is important and what isn’t

  1. liyang

    Glad the post man delivered…you all looking good!

  2. happy belated bday you young thing (envious)!

  3. Phil

    I don’t know you and I have never met you but I envy you… you look so happy. Accidently found your website while meaninglessly surfing the web to fill in my empty heart. Wish you the best.^^

    Anonymous from Korea

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