Yes, Ying Swan. Swan, You know? Like the bird.

Happy birthday Swan! Can’t believe your 22 already!

One of the best defenders out there, always calm and collected and full of strength and speed. Met you when you were 18, correct me if I’m wrong. First noticed you when we met at netball and you were so cool. You have an inner strenght I admire and it shows in the way you move and talk. It’s not suprising that everyone likes you. You always have something nice to say about a person and you have alot of patience! Lol! The only time I sawyou a bit frus was when you shaked your head at Jeremy and that was only recently only.

Swan and her other half 😛

Here is to many more memorable moments and friendship Swan~

Much Love


p/s will definitely get you ‘high’ one of this days


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One response to “Yes, Ying Swan. Swan, You know? Like the bird.

  1. swan

    thank you so much Audz!! love the post.

    i met you when i was 17+ goin on 18, such a kiddo back then. and woahh i didn’t know the way i talk & move also got style wan LOL good to know.

    want to get me ‘high’? you sure you won’t get higher first?? hehe..

    love you mwahhh

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