Hastings in bloom Part 1

Two weeks ago I went to Hastings (6 hour dive from Auckland) to participate in the Hastings in Bloom parade. The Caribbeanz Souther Stars were invited and we jumped at the chance to perform there again. The first time the band was invited was last year and I didn’t get to go but I did this year. Although I had some doubts (sitting in a van with 4 other people is not my idea of fun) I’m glad I went. It was a really cool experience and the people of Hastings were very warm and friendly.

I took heaps of photos and some videos.


We left Auckland around 8pm and arrived in Hastings around 2.30am. Our morning call was at 10.30am and we had to get to the venue at 10am to set up. When we arrived at our accomadations which was a marae, it was dark and we were all bleary eyed with sleep. All I wanted to do was go to bed. We quietly went into the marae and it had about 30 occupants in it with their mattress and sleeping bag lining up around the walls. I looked a small space to lay my sleeping bag and plopped myself to a dreamless sleep. I woke up with a fright to loud snoring and a good thing too as it was already 9.30am, time to get up, freshen myself up and get to the city square to perform.

Before we left I took a photo of marae.

Entrance to the sleeping area

In the eating hall of the marae

The drums of the band who we were staying with in the Marae, all the way from Wellington

Our first performance of the day.

What I found on the ground in front of the stage

Our master of ceremony for the day

My double second pans 🙂

The organisers added dye into the water to make it pink!

Our little cd stand 🙂

This guy got a face full of party streamers sprayed onto him

Some of the kids from the audience trying their hand at the pans

The drum band that we are sharing accommodation with.

Here’s a short video of them in action

Till Then


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