I was never a fan untill I heard this song. I went “hmm that sounds nice” so I went in search of the music videa and my face jsut went up in flames.

Ash, if this doesn’t make you hot under the collar then I’m not sure what will.

Looking through his videos I found his interview sessions with Talk Asia CNN which I thought was pretty inspiring. Some of the stuff he spoke about made me unconsciously agree with him. His outlook on his career and life pretty much summed what I have been thinking and its a nice feeling to know that he made it with his work ethics and attitude towards life in general.

It gives hope.

If your interested below are the 3 interviews I was talking about.

Till Then



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4 responses to “Rain

  1. liyang

    hard working…the thing is sometime in NZ there is no enviroment for your hardwork.

  2. he’s not bad, I do find his videos where he’s all greased up and half-nekkid whilst gyrating a bit disturbing. The same way I’d find a video of a half-nekkid chick all oiled up and gyrating disturbing 🙂 My fav song is still ‘It’s Raining.’ The beat is awesome 🙂

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