Broken and filled with sand

Ahh, my beautiful camera is now broken. I can’t seem to close the lens and it refuses to budge. I have a niggly suspicion that sand and grit has entered some of the more mechanical parts of the camera.Boo!

That aside what do you think of my makeup skills? I have been lamenting at the fact that I am not very good at wielding the foundation brush and after scouring through alot of youtube videos on how to bring out your inner goddess I do think I am getting the hang of it. Well, let’s just say even if I don’t aspire to Goddess status just yet I can be rest assured that my skills have gone from slave to hand maiden. p/s i hate HATE the fact that I now have to take photos with my laptops webcam!

ignore the cross eyed look.

Alright, to be perfectly honest with you I am not so keen on getting a makeup artist for my wedding and am secretly harboring the thought that I might be able to do my own makeup for both nights. Is this silly? I have been practicing in the bathroom under harsh orange light and I start to think to myself that I am actually good at applying paint on my facade. I start admiring my skills and foolishly believe myself only to come crashing down after looking at myself in photos from friends FB. I. OR I look really, really tired (drat, I knew grey eye shadow under my eye was a bad idea- but it looked so good on Rihanna!)


On other things, nothing happening much in terms of  auditions for advertising and such. Oh well, keep on trucking till I hit something worthwhile. Having reread that line it does sound abit glum but in truth it’s the opposite. I am happy, and am glad that I can keep trying at this. It gives me something to do while I handle myself and restrain myself from getting too hyped up. I did tell you right, but for the past year there has been this buzzy feeling about me. I can’t explain it. Like I’m waiting, waiting for something big to happen. It has to be a sign, either that or I am coming down with something terminal.

Who knows.

Speaking of which, I had a suprise last Friday. I went to Brad’s farewell

Bradettes the dude with his tongue out. I have no idea why I have me arm aroudn him.

I think I needed something to hold on while the room was spinning.

…Inane rambling at it’s best, my friends.

Anyhoo, so we were at  this club called Deluxe (formerly known as Stoners). I wouldn’t go there again, I bought alot of drinks that night and when I asked for a glass of water the barmen had the audacity to ask me to buy a bottled of water. I couldn’t stop myself from opening my mouth in disbelief. I mean, people drink tap water in this country for goodness sake. All I wanted him to do was get a glass, put a couple of cubes of ice in there and turn on that tap water like how mother nature intended it to be. But no the dude had to make it difficult. Suffice to say I had to say “Well I spent hundreds of dollars here tonight, the least you could do is give me my damn glass of water”. I can tell you the man was not happy and I made sure to keep an eye on him lest he spit in my drink.

Dang it, I hate being an uppity bitch but sometimes, drastic times calls for drastic measures. PLUS! (I’m on a roll) their drinks weren’t fantastic, they served warm Jagerbombs (I’m not sure how to spell that word). WARM. Yuck. I continued buying them cause I’m stupid like that and I didn’t want mix my drinks  and spend the rest of the night wishing everyone to the devil.

After that incident I huffed and puffed my way to Wi Bian and proceeded to share my precious glass of water with him.


Wi Bian’s the respectable looking one in the middle


After chatting about how terrible the notion was to pay for water in a club after spending alot of $$$ in the said club the music changed and I thought what the hell. Lets go dance! Wi Bian darted away so I grabbed Kwangs friend Fannah ( I don’t think this is the right spelling but rest assured the sound of it is correct). She is this wee small thing with such an adorable face. Korean, I think. So there we were dancing or trying to dance (DJ was terrible he kept the high beats too short and the low beats too long). We were dancing by ourselves when this group of guys came over, one of them step up and ask me if he could dance with me. I said “of course!” I mean it’s just a dance no crime in that right? Right? Wrong!

The guy proceeded to ignore my friend and started to chat me up. I just answered his questions with an upbeat yes or no and a maybe and he kept a good distance away from us so I thought “well at least his decent”. Well too decent for me as I soon fount out. We were dancing along when the guys I came to the club with came to the dance floor proceeded to ‘whoop, whoop, put your hands in the air like you just don’t care” and all that shenanigans. They were twirling me around, even MOH came to the dance floor grab me at the waist and gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheeck. Then like all storms that ascend out of nowhere, just as quickly did they disappear. All this while the guy who I found out was Korean came over and ask “erm do you have a boyfriend”. I gaily said yes, and turned around to look for MOH (who of course had already dissaperaed) and missed the look of consternation on the guys face when he heard my answer. He started to say something but I couldnt hear him so he started again and I still couldn’t hear him so he bellowed in my ear and said “YOU MEAN YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND YOU TALKED TO ME”. I blinked several times wondering if I misheard him. But I guess I didn’t cause his eyes were narrowed to mere slits and I must say his nostrils were flaring.

What was I to do but say “yes, are you telling me if you had a gf you wouldn’t let her talk to other people”

“Of course not!” he said. “I wouldn’t even let her dance alone!” he bellowed again and stomped off.


I dare say I think I just had my first scolding in a nightclub by a stranger. What the…don’t talk cannot, talk also cannot.

Is this a Korean thing?


Till Then



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7 responses to “Broken and filled with sand

  1. S

    LOL that is hilarious, he must be all kinds of insecure..

    Here in Sydney (and I think the rest of the country as well) it is against the law not to provide free tap water in a place that serves alcohol!

  2. liyang

    wish I were there…you knwo what I woudl do right?? He wont get a chance to storm out there …

  3. Mei

    You should’ve said “No I don’t have a boyfriend. I have a husband!”


  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAH.. what the.. what era is the guy living in la?? seriously!!!

    you should have said, well lucky im not YOUR girlfriend!!! LOL

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