Running around and yet nothing is done

Have been pretty busy in the past week but nothing much has been done! Ugh! I feel an itch coming to becoming a grumpy, moody bitch. Wait a minute! that is not a suprise since I am always like that anyway.

Have been running around town getting stuff done, my wedding invites are still not done even though the lady said it would be done today, it is officially 8 days late. I found my evening gown for the dinner reception and a beautiful wedding gown for the church ceremony. Photos at my wedding blog soon 🙂 only of the evening gown though since I would like to surprise everyone with the wedding gown 😉

I am so irritated! My phone is out of battery and I can’t seem to charge it. #$%@^!!!! All my contacts are in that phone, dammit. So am now relying on emails and facebook to keep in touch and keeping up with my appointments. Thank goodness for friends that use FB through their mobile so I can send them messages and they’ll get notified via their phone. Woot woot!

Only party that I went so far was to an after party to celebrate the engagement of a good friend of mine. It was nice to see all the familiar faces.


Me, Jet, Ryan and Oi Vui

I’m glad to have at least made it to the engagement party, I think they are getting married next year and I might not be in the country 😦

Ok I’m going to go back to the drudgery that is the guest list and then meet up with my cupcake designer. Woot! Woot!



Till Then


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