what is happening with the world today

I have always known that while I am laughing here in the comfort of my own home, feeling safe and satiated to the point that I can complain about mundane things like why did MOH not do the dishes. As I agonize over the simplest things I know someone else is suffering in some part of the world. I know it but I ignore it. I thought that if I do not see it then I can pretend it doesn’t exist. But this doesn’t really work since I believe in the existence of God. I can’t see him, hear him or have personally experienced anything that confirms his existence but I believe he exist. So I find myself in a conundrum. Right now I feel like the world is in a conundrum. Everywhere in the world riots are happening, people are dying, cities are in chaos. It might not be on the news, magazines or radio but it’s happening. We can ignore it when we don’t know what’s going on. But how do we ignore something that is right in front of our face?

Egypt and Australia are going through a very rough patch at the moment. I have been reading the twitter messages that Egyptians have posted as they are attacked on both sides. I can feel their fear and their anguish as I read through the tweets. It’s frightening. It is as frightening as knowing that a category 5 cyclone is coming your way and there is nothing you can do about it.

My heart and prayers goes out to them.

2011 definitely started out in a bang but not the type to bring out your best champagne bottle and salute to the beginnings of a great year. I feel as if all this is the start to something terribly terrifying. Makes me wonder, what next?

Till Then



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4 responses to “what is happening with the world today

  1. liyang

    end of the world next year…I am glad to meet you before that my dear.

  2. shermayne

    2012… jeng jeng jeng

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