Elliott Stables

Last night I went out with MOH (man of the house) to attend Gracie’s surprise birthday dinner. It was organized by her boyfriend Jason (So sweet! No more $49.99 voucher at Borders anymore huh, Grace 😉 ). The dinner was held at Faro’s which is situated beside Atrium and it’s a very high end type of food court serving mostly Mediterranean dishes. Inside Elliott Stables is a cobbled lane and on both sides are quaint little restaurants. The tables are all made out wood and there were wooden and iron wrought chairs strewn all over the place. It was an experience for me as it seem to capture the bustling European markets that I often see on TV (when I do watch it).

We waited outside since we were early everyone was to be there at 8.30 pm and we arrived around 8.20pm. Yes, I know Li Yang it is indeed a miracle 😉 While waiting I took some photos of the Elliott Stables and this very cool building on the opposite side of the road. I have walked here a dozen times in the past and I never realized that Auckland had  buildings that had such character (well besides K-road I mean). I need to be more aware of what is happening around me.

I was also testing out my new HX-5 Sony Cybershot camera that we got from Taiwan since our oldie died on us in Malaysia. You will see that I am not yet very good at using this camera just yet 😦

On my way to Faro.




Clive was the second earliest to arrive and I love his shirt!


Then everyone started to arrive so we took our seats and waited for Grace to arrive.

We sipped on Sangria (which according to Debz and Judie tasted like vinegar). I wasn’t a fan but as the night progressed it started tasting better and better. I think Sangria is made out of wine, soda water, brandy and fruits.


Vic, thinking about Golf  😀


The guys on my side of the table.


Me, Ferren and Bron shared our birthday gift to Grace (an assortment of facial products and makeup from L’oreal). I wrapped it up in beautiful gold paper and  gold netting which unfortunately when made into a ribbon looks like a bath sponge.


Ferren bought the birthday card and we each took turns writing down our birthday notes. Mine was  mostly made out of “love you!” “happy birthday” Yup, nothing too profound but the award for tackiest birthday message goes to MOH:


Geddit? Exactly 🙄


Grace and Jason

(sorry bad quality photo, stilll trying to figure out this camera)



I’m not really a fan of Tapas but the figs were sooooo gooodddd!!! Lucky for me the girls on my table didn’t like em. HO HO HO!!! More for me!

Happy birthday Grace



After dinner we were suppose to go to Primo to party but I had to send MOH to Mitch’s place as they were setting out to fish at 4am later on. Sigh, so I thought I could send him and then meet up with them at Primo but then we had to drive all the way home pick up the bait and life jacket (Mitch and his dad didn’t have life jackets. Buy a boat but not the life jackets :?) By the time we were done it was already 1am! We left Faro at 12pm…lazy already.


Anyhoo, I went home and had the house all to myself. Whee~


Till Then




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2 responses to “Elliott Stables

  1. liyang

    Lovely evening, Jason did well. Grace looked hot as ever.
    Two things I felt envious (note, not jealous), first you are early for the party, (it must a sign for the end of the world approaching soon)
    secondly, I have never received anything with Bronson’s hand writing on it.

    The end

    • ha ha ha don’t be too envious as I am trying to be more punctual to events so it might happen to you one day and Bron’s message wasn’t that great. Actually it would have been better if he didn’t even bother.

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