Birthdays galore

There are so many January and February babies, I’m enjoying the nights out but my wallet…my poor wallet is crying out for a brief respite and my credit card…lets not even go there.

I introduced my new hair cut (vanity speaking, if you hadn’t noticed)  to most of my friends last Saturday and must say it was a successful debut. Everyone was raving about it and I must say I am getting better at accepting compliment 😉 I use to cringe and feel uncomfortable as I try to think of something to compliment the other person nowadays I just accept it gracefully, say “Thank you” or “Oh, your too kind” and give them a big smile. I only do it now not because I was a stuck up bitch last time but because I had no idea how to react to compliments. I always thought a person had ulterior motives when they complimented me i.e fishing for a compliment as well or making fun of me etc. Ha! But I have learned not to take myself to seriously and just have fun!

I attended a birthday dinner at a very nice restaurant called Limon. I met up with friends whom I have not met for ages! Everyone looks so grown up and the birthday girls were beautiful as ever. I had good fun at the dinner talking about my phone learning from my sifu Chin and his lovely partner Christina. I also had a chance to chat with Annie and combined forces with her to tease Kwang 😛

Samsung G master


Christina and Annie. Both very lovely ladies 🙂


Charming Henry


Sharon’s a mum now and Susu is now living in China and is only in Auckland for a short time. I saw Sharon and I couldn’t help thinking how fantastic she looked.

Dinner was a noisy affair with conversations buzzing around me which was quite nice to immerse in as I sipped on my Spanish beer (which was really good! I hate beer but this one was so easy to drink). I think it was called Estrella.

We had another birthday to attend so we left them and went on to Ivory Lounge. They had a live band who were very good and I wouldn’t mind going there again on my own or with a smaller crowd to just chill and enjoy the music. Photos are from my Samsung Galaxy…not so nice 😦

The theme of the night was red carpet and everyone was asked to dress to impress. I wore a dress that I bought from MNG about 4 years ago and finally had the opportunity to wear it that night. As you can see I don’t usually follow trends and when I do I’m several seasons too late to be considered fashionable.

Ferren the photographer


Mr Programmer


Anyhoo, the party was quite subdued as we arrived a little too late and the crowd was starting to leave to adjourn to where else but Primo. Can someone else build a new club so we don’t end up in Primo every weekend??? It’s a joint birthday party for Jacqueline, Cynthia and Jessica who all looked fantabulous in their outfits but I must say the fiercest outfit has to go to Cynthia. I really liked it! Some photos from the night as everyone looked so gorgeous  I couldn’t help stealing some photos of Cynthia’s facebook 😉

From right, Jacqueline, Jessica and Cynthia. Happy birthday ladies!!!


Guest looking flash.


Jacqs looking fabulous!


Roger, Sally, Daniel and Ferren.


Jessica and Shaun. Jess dress was so sexy with a plunging backline that I love~


Shaun came into the bar to pass Jess his necktie and when he turned I thought someone had puked on him! Luckily, it was only pineapple and juice that some idiot threw at Shaun from the car before it sped off. Idiots. Sometimes you just gotta wonder how boring it is here for people to find entertainment in other people’s misery.

An unhappy Shaun 😦


One last photo before we left


About an hour into the party we had to leave early (since 1am is really early morning) to prepare for another exciting round of golf at Onewhero golf gourse which turn out to be a torturous ordeal. Photos and post of golf will be up soon.

See ya’s


Till Then


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