Twittering into 2011

So I have bought a new phone 🙂 It’s too smart for me but I love it and to celebrate my materialisticness I have signed up with Twitter and if your keen to read more of my ramblings on the world wide web follow me on Twitter here: DaAudz I used my new phone to take pictures at work and random stuff that I found fascinating and would tweet them on Twitter. Examples below:   Colleagues were busy ‘creating’ something and it turn out so cute. Never seen anything like it.



Tada! Eatable Skeleton man. So cute!!!!



Sometimes I have fruits for snacks at work (trying to be healthy kononnya) and I took this photo. What do you see?


If you saw oranges I saw love


Sigh, back to work in 10 hours 😦 Boo!


Till Then



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2 responses to “Twittering into 2011

  1. shermayne

    hohoho!!!! u have succumbed to twitter!

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