I feel like pulling my hair out

A view of Auckland city from Ferren’s balcony


I started with the best of intentions and now I am worried if I am worthy of such a task. I don’t want to organize a small event I want something that will be remembered by others as an event that cared and did their job in raising much needed funds.

Anyone has any ideas or suggestions to help me with this?

It would be much appreciated.  Also if your on Twitter do add @TwestivalAKL to get more updates 🙂 Exciting times!

Till Then



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6 responses to “I feel like pulling my hair out

  1. debbie

    Don’t pull!! There isn’t as much as there used to be already…. Don’t worry, you have the enthusiasm of a 100 people at least, you’ll pull it off : )

    I guess the best way to go big is to go into some sorta partnership with a company or organization? Bank? Red Cross? Supermarkets?

    Ohhh while I was in New market today I saw these school kids busking on the walkways to raise funds for the earthquake. People do want to help, you just need to make this event known to them.

    Also, who you work with and how you run it may be depend on what you actually want aucklanders to give / what you want the people in christchurch to receive . Money? food? water? health care supplies?

  2. M*

    Try getting big names to chip in.

    What KL did last Twestival was an Auction … 🙂

    And also buying people-type thingys. 🙂

  3. M*


    • Obviously!!! keep em coming dudette!

      We are trying to get big names to chip in 🙂 Trying is the key word here. Also KK did the auctioning off hot guys thing. It worked so well I think they will bring it back again this year

  4. M*

    Tell them publicity etc etc. Get in touch with @radianceleong @nikicheong who did twestival kl for help on attracting celebs and stuff. 😉

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