Never in my life

I think I have broken my own personal record of ‘most time spent in front of the computer’. 6-7 hours at work PLUS 5 hours at home. It’s lucky I’m already wearing glasses otherwise I would be worried about my eyesight.


Heh 🙂

By the way I wanted to take this oppoturnity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!!! You are DA MAN!


Much Love

Your loving daughter Audrey.

P/s my fathers most famous quote to me yet was “Why are you so angry? He got punch you and abuse you in New Zealand kah? Is this your revenge?”  I fell off my chair laughing.



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2 responses to “Never in my life

  1. Meizi

    hahahahahaha. you revenge without vengeance. you are special.
    i am spending 12 hours in front of my computer at work now…plus a couple when i get home. SO not good.

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