To the monkey…18 years and counting

Communication and patience are very important factors in keeping a relationship healthy more so when it comes to family. It is just too easy sometimes to overlook family. Simple etiquette goes out the door no more yes please, thank you, your welcome. Simple gestures of gratitude are forgotten and simpler things like touching the head of your child before you leave for work are small but very important things (in my humble opinion) that need to be done to build a stable family. Family members are blood but they are first and foremost individuals with interest and dislikes just like everyone else. They need to be treated kindly and not to be taken for granted. I only realized this during my first two years in Auckland. I understood what it meant to have someone watch your back, support you from afar and offer unconditional love. It took a 12 hour flight, many a lonely and confused nights, fighting home sickness to make me appreciate how lucky I was when it comes to family.

One family member who has been ever supportive through out all my projects, ramblings of fame and glory is my little sister Ashley. We are total opposites except for one thing. We find the most revolting of subjects funny. Farts, burps, ourselves weaknesses, her well endowed chest, my over endowed arms (she likes it when I raise my arms and do a wiggle to see the fats do a Mexican wave). She is the smarter, cuter, definitely more ladylike version of me. It’s a pity your a midget 😛


One of my favourite photos of her. I feel it encapsulates all the fantastic things that she is. Day dreamer, musician, hard worker, stylo milo, poser, vain monkey…my sister.


Our relationship in a nut shell captured in a  photo.

Hugs and kisses! Don’t wish to grow up too fast cause when you get there you’ll wonder what happened and where did the springtime of your youth went.


Till Then




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3 responses to “To the monkey…18 years and counting

  1. yeah, someone like her is hard to find nowadays 🙂

  2. liyang

    nice one…by the way Ash is not a midget

  3. b0ngkers

    Well said!!

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