Twestival Auckland 2011!!!

It seems that banging my head on the keyboard worked because now we are able to sell our tickets online. I’m so happy! If you are unable to attend the event please donate something. I don’t really care how much you want to give. It could be a dollar for all I care. Something is better then nothing. Oh, I had no idea seeing those two ‘Ticket’ and ‘Donate’ buttons on the website could make me so happy. Happy enough to shed a tear and dance a little jig on my bed.

Who knew that after 4 weeks and 174 tweets later we would have 7 days left to the event. Our aim is to have 500 people attending. Ambitious much? I have always believed that if you’re going to do something you might as well go big! Every member in the team is apprehensive and worried about the ticket sales but everyone is trying their best to ensure we hit our target. I will stay positive for the team and do what I can which is to sell, sell, sell. I pity my friends, really I do. I think it scares them when I go a little crazy with my sales pitch with spittle on my chin and my arms waving around the place as I try to get them to attend an event I organized, again.

Regarding Auckland’s artistic community I am pretty stoked about our lineup. We have an amazing singer Grace Ikenasio to sing the national anthem, up and coming band Atlanta Fall, The Nukes (amazing Ukelele wielding trio from out West), a Filipino dance group, Malaysian dance group (represent yo!), City Dance (modern) and wait for it the Auckland Youth Symphonic Band they also have another website at Auckland Wind Orchestra . Yes, an honest to goodness Symphonic band! Ever since I watched Nodame Cantabile my fascination with orchestras has been revived and I cannot tell you how excited I am to have them on board. I have no idea how we are going to fit and set up 30 people on stage with chairs, music stands and their instruments in a timely manner but who care it’s gonna be the bomb! I can see us running around like headless chickens during the night…wow…not a good image. A preview of  what you can expect on the 24th  of March 2011 at 519 event centre.

Atlanta Fall


Caribbean Southern Stars


The Nukes


Auckland Youth Symphonic Band




On Monday we had the opportunity to be filmed by Indigo Productions. The owner and videographer is a beautiful blonde woman with a beautiful voice. I kid you not. Everyone liked her and we had a lot of funny moments during the shoot. I wish everyone was not as nervous as they were that night but hey thanks to Cynthia I am sure we are gonna have some humor in the video. Twestival Auckland are very lucky to have Vanessa of Indigo Moon Productions and Zhi of Snap Me Photography who are going to cover the event and hopefully if all goes well we can use the photos and footage to compile and create  a video for next years Twestival. This is a big IF from me as I don’t know if I could juggle full time work with charity events too many times in this lifetime. With my hand on my heart, I have the deepest respect to those who do this all the time juggling a fulltime job while volunteering to help others. The act of giving is very hard work indeed.


Ever since the ticket button has been up on the website since this morning 16th of March 2011 we have managed to sell 4 tickets! Yes, you read it right 4 tickets, count em and weep baby. Does it count that out of those 4 tickets 2 were purchased by me? The committee members have agreed that we should all purchase our own tickets to show that we are really serious about this. We spend a lot of time on this event and are not afraid to put our money where our mouth is. We are not expecting the volunteers to contribute but we believe this is something we as the committee members must do.

I hope, NAY I KNOW that the number of ticket sales will increase exponentially in the next few days. It must! I can see it happening and hence it will come to be!

It would be so good if all of you can come, yes you. If you’re in Auckland and you have nothing to do on a Thursday night. Heck, even if you have something to do, drop it and come on over to 519 event centre to support our fundraising! Truly you will get nothing in return except the sheer satisfaction of supporting the Auckland artistic community, online community and contribute towards The New Zealand Red Cross 2011 Earthquake Appeal.

I realized I have used too much exclamation marks in this entry. Forgive me, besides writing in CAPS WHICH I HATE I have no idea how to bring my point across. I am not very eloquent nor am I a very good writer hence the abuse of the exclamation mark.

I shall stop now before I exclaim all over this post!!!!


Till Then


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