Twestival- Special mention to the committee members

Phew! I am finally done with the short report for Twestival and the massive thank you shout outs to everyone who was part of Twestival Auckland 2011. You can check it out here: Twestival Auckland 2011 shout outs & thanks yous! That is the exact post that I posted on the Twestival Auckland 2011 official website. However, below is a super special mention to a group of people who have supported and helped me organize this event. Without them Twestival Auckland would not have happened.

Twestival Auckland Community members in alphabetical order

Bronson was the charming performer coordinator working side by side with Cynthia and Chee Yen ensuring the performers were comfortable, know when it was their turn to perform and ensuring smooth transitions between sets. He saved the day for the Samutsari performers when their music cd was not working by using his tech savy skills. Bronson was also the mastermind behind the sponsor packs, performer packs and venue packs that were handed out to potential performers and sponsors. His most memorable moment would be when he fell asleep as our 2nd meeting was in full swing. Ideas were flying back and forth and we only stopped after a huge snore escaped from him. Everyone looked at him and he manage to wake up long enough to say “I’m awake, please continue, I’m awake…”

What would we do without our social media coordinator! For Twestival Auckland she was on call almost 24/7 a day tirelessly updating our Facebook, Twitter and website page. She also manage to squeeze in time to find sponsors like Giapo and Party zone to help out with the event. Thank you very much Carmen for your dedication to your role and I don’t think this event would have as much coverage if it weren’t for your contributions.

Cynthia is our details person, always letting us know if we have missed something in our meetings. She was the one who effortlessly recruited the big burly security personnel and also managed our performers during the event. Hardworking and very detail oriented Cynthia is also one of our most ‘networked’ person in the committee. When she says she knows someone she really does know a ‘somebody’. She has networks to a lot of New Zealand celebrities both in the sports and entertainment arena.

The second in command of the Twestival Auckland Committee. Single handedly manage to get on board as our official sponsor. Ferrens second name should have been perseverance. She has a busy full time job and yet she still had the time to co-ordinate a lot of ‘top priority’ items for Twestival Auckland. She worked tirelessly along with the rest of the community members to source venue, performers, sponsors and ticket sales. I would not have been able to organize Twestival Auckland so efficiently without Ferren’s much needed help.

Jacqueline Hsu & Collin Lo
Jacqueline and her husband Collin played important roles during the event. Jacqueline covered for Joey while Joey had an important test in University to attend on the day of the event. Collin became our go to person concerning stage set up and security. Both Jacqueline and Collin took their roles seriously and it showed. Everything that was needed to be done was done expediently and efficiently by the fantastic duo. Cleanliness of venue, sound technician, performers, changes between sets, placement of instruments and all that comes with organizing a musical event was handled with aplomb, a calm head and a bottle or two of alcoholic beverages! Well done guys and thank you very much for your contribution!

Our designer whiz, she is the lady responsible for the logo, the beautiful and informative posters, banners and layout design of the packs that we sent out when we were looking for a venue, sponsors and performers. Joanne is another dedicated member of the team who works long hours at work and she would continue on to the wee hours of morning working on the Twestival Auckland projects. Late night text and emails were definitely our mode of communication during those 3 weeks of planning. With all the late nights you would think Joanne’s artistic talent would suffer right? This was definitely not the case as she churned out beautiful works of art every single time.

Joey Sim
Despite being very busy with assignments, test, quizzes and everything that goes with being a full time civil engineering student. Joey manage to squeeze in some time to organize Twestival Auckland with me and worked alongside Jacqueline to ensure the event ran smoothly on the night. Her pr skills were tested when she became our contact person with the sound & system technician and venue person. I must say she passed with flying colours.

Ken is our super sales man and I think he was coming on board to be a ‘behind the scenes’ volunteer but we manage to rope him into the committee. Ken has a lot of brilliant marketing and PR ideas to get the Twestival name out there. He definitely kept us on our toes and made sure we had fun while organizing this event. On the day, he work along side Ferren to ensure the raffles were displayed properly, the draws done on a timely manner and the attendees of the event entertained while they were waiting for the actual performances to start. Thank you Ken for making it to the meetings and sharing your fantastic ideas with us. It was a good experience working with you.

Ying Swan
Swan had the pleasure of organizing our registration with Red Cross and what an experience that was. We both thought it was would be easy and straight forward but boy, were we wrong. Due to the earthquake, Red Cross were inundated with request to organize fundraising on their behalf. It didn’t help that there were scams going around of people posing as red cross representatives visiting people at their homes asking for donations. It was an uphill battle and we were on a strict time line. However, Swan pulled through with her resourcefulness and we manage to get our charity registered on time. What a mission but a valuable experience learned.

Thank you very much Swan for being so patient during this stressful time! Swan also led our front desk team on the night and nothing untoward happened which is a testament to her organization skills.

It must have been my lucky day when I manage to get Tania on board. She works for AUT and was in the midst of orientation and was busy as hell. However, she was very open to the idea of helping out and we entrusted her to delegate the volunteers and she did it with such professionalism.

Tania and I were busy setting up the place on the day but by 3pm we were already done. Sitting down looking at each other we started getting worried. Both us were saying”Is this is? is there nothing else to do? It’s running a bit too smoothly isn’t it?”

We looked around and burst out laughing thinking whatever happens will happen. It was great working with you Tania. I was very confident with what you could bring to the team and you definitely delivered it!


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Cheryl Lim who came and help us to help sell ticket on Queen Street. Looking at her confidently approaching random strangers on the streets was pretty inspiring. “There is no such thing about being ‘shy’ if it’s for a good cause” said Cheryl. You go girl!  Thank you very much for getting your family involve on the night of the event and being part of the team with such enthusiasm and dedication. We totally appreciated it!


The green dino in action.

I did a short interview with Becca Jane for her university assignment and if your interested you can have a listen at the link below: Twestival 2011 -Before The Event-


Wow! It’s been a long day in front of the computer documenting all this!  This is where I end my last post on Twestival Auckland 2011 and say “That’s all and so long folks!”


Till Then


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