Weekend rumble

So I went for my first ever Social Media networking party and I gotta say it was an experience. Going into a room now knowing what to expect and meeting new people was pretty daunting! I’m glad I went with MOH and Ferren who came along as well. I got to meet the people behind the Social Media NZ and a brief meet up with those active in the Social Media scene here in New Zealand . Nothing to shout to the roof tops about except for the fact that it was my first time. Like losing your virginity you always remember your first time.

Anyhoo, Friday night was crazy. CRAZY! I won’t be doing anything like that for a long time. I don’t remember getting so intoxicated and I am surprised I still have my voice as I was screaming the whole time. Screaming at my friends, screaming out of the car, screaming in the club, I had a total scream fest is what I had. I’m glad my friends love me as much as they do because if it was me I would have disowned my friends if they did what I did.

Something totally nasty happened after the big party which has shocked us all. I can’t share it with you here as it’s not mine to let out. But boy…it was so bad that I had to go buy LOTTO. If you know me you will know that I don’t buy gamble in New Zealand but the Chinese blood in me was adamant that the occasion warranted a number buying spree. I wouldn’t be surprised if we won something this Wednesday. Speaking of Lotto, correct me if I’m wrong but somebody in Tauranga won the 34 million pot right? Incredible! What does one do with all that money and not turn into a jacka$$?

I’m rambling…I think I still have alcohol in my system *groan never again!

Till Then


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