The flower that bloomed too brightly

I’m not really into fashion but there was something about Alexander McQueen that made me gawk in awe at his creations, coveting at least half a dozen deliciously designed outfits. I wanted to have at least one piece from every collection that he ever had. This is pretty fantastical coming from a woman who picks up clothes off the floor and sniffs them before putting it on.

When I found out about his death in February last year, I was moved enough to write a short post about the incident. At the same time I had read of his successor, Sarah Burton and I thought to share the article I read with you, here, since she was commissioned to create the wedding gown for the Duchess of Cambridge.

Sarah Burton for McQueen

When I first saw her the first thing that came to my mind was that she looked not of this world, with her long limbs, sharp angular features and very blonde, straight locks. Her eyes seem to be very piercing from the photos. I have a feeling if you met her in person, that stare would make you feel a bit uncomfortable when it’s full force is directed at you, I can only imagine.

Regarding, the wedding dress of the year, I absolutely loved it. I fell in love with the dress when the Duchess (Gosh, I love how the word rolls of the tongue like that) was preparing to enter the Church, gripping tighly onto her fathers hand.


It was, to me, a timeless masterpiece, epitomizing grace, royalty, history, heritage and a whole lot of money.


The pièce de résistance was having her sister Pippa Middleton as the royal maid, she was the perfect foil to her sisters finery. The lace, the bustier, skirt, the veil, everything was constructed elegance, tailored to perfection, made to fool the eye in it’s simplicity.



A photo of the late Princess Diana’s wedding gown which was very grand, full of pomp and all the signs of a bygone era never to be reclaimed.

Sigh, so anyhoo, how was your weekend? Coming up is a post on Golf in Formosa , New Zealand ! Fun times!

Till Then


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