Unduk Ngadau 2011- MsaudreyC predicts the winners (bah apa lagi)

So, here we are, another day to the finals! Selamat Pesta Kaamatan to those who are celebrating it back home in Kota Kinabalu. Drink tapai and lihing, be merry and spend it with family and friends. Blessed for another year of good health and to be wonderful luck of being born in a land that will continue to provide for its people and future generations to come.

I was going to write a loooongggg post on the top 7 and who I think will be the top 3 but tidak jadi la. Since I spent a long time researching on the names of the contestants, where they come from and all that jazz (if you type Unduk Ngadau 2011 in Google beribu-ribu links will come up. So many people are interested in this beauty pageant. It’s no wonder as this is a beauty pageant steep in culture and history). I thought since I malas to type-type to create the post, check spelling, grammar etc I thought ‘biar betul!’ and just put a video up la. In the video I talk about my picks and why I picked them.


If your too malas to watch the video then just scroll down as I have posted photos of the lovelies. Check out the lovely sumandaks I picked below who are vying to be the queen of the Harvest festival, whom I think have a chance to win the title. I’d put money on my picks. Bah apa lagi, check my ‘kuda’s’ for 2011.

Top 7

(In no particular order)

Unduk Ngadau Beaufort 2011
Jevyonne Jais

Unduk Ngadau Ranau 2011
Sophie Angela

Unduk Ngadau Tamparuli 2011
Joveanea Jim

Unduk Ngadau Tongod 2011

Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2011
Caroline Anthony

Unduk Ngadau Inanam 2011
Cheryl Lynn Pinsius

Unduk Ngadau Papar 2011
Jessica Joseph

Top 3

(In no particular order)
Unduk Ngadau Inanam 2011
Cheryl Lynn Pinsius

Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2011
Caroline Anthony

Unduk Ngadau Papar 2011
Jessica Joseph

Who are your picks?

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo Do Kaamatan to all  🙂

Be back with a post on the winners soon or if your there tomorrow and get to see who won, send me an email and I’ll post  the results here.

Till Then



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12 responses to “Unduk Ngadau 2011- MsaudreyC predicts the winners (bah apa lagi)

  1. Aerleen

    Majority seem to think Penampang’s Bo Tiza Disimon is gonna win this year. She already won Miss Natural Beauty during gala night. Surprised that she didnt make it on your list.
    Check this guy out, he seem to always be the first one to post pics and updates. http://www.facebook.com/pages/David-AramaitiiVideo-Photo/205356592839978

    • Hello 🙂

      Yes, she didn’t. I fear alot of times Penampang gets into the Top 7 based on its history of producing beauties, sometimes. Also because I only have photos to go by my picks are totally 2 dimensional 😦 Thanks for the link! I heard about the subsidiary titles. Ms Gurjit won Miss Pink. What the heck is that? You know?

  2. Lit Rean


    This year’s gala night dinner a.k.a charity dinner in aid of KK Pink Ribbon, a movement/ organization on breast cancer awareness. I think this is why they came out with this “Miss Pink” title this year 🙂

    • Oh, thank you Lit Rean 🙂

      That makes a lot of sense now! How wonderful for them to be associated the breast cancer association. Do the subsdiary winners get automatic entry into the top 15, you think?

  3. Aerleen

    I can’t help but wonder how they pick Ms. Pink. Who ever struts the pink ribbon the best maybe? hehe :p So as predicted, Bo Tiza really did win. I heard rumors that she couldn’t even answer the Q&A properly! People are actually on the hunt for a video of the Q&A just to see if the rumors are true. Craziness! Oh well. There will always be people who aren’t satisfied with the results every year. They keep saying the judges were mostly from Penampang including Mandy Nandu who was former UN Penampang herself. On a diff note. Last year’s winner, Crystel’s mum was 1984 state UN winner. Bo Tiza’s aunt was state winner 1986. Do you think family name play any significant part in this?

    • Ya bah! Get out of here! Sampai begitukah orang tidak percaya dia boleh menang? Kesian, not nice la if you google your name and then suddenlly have to read about people not liking you. But hey you can’t make everyone happy, plus I am sure the other contestants ada geng karas among their fans. I can understand their frustrations.

      Yeah, I wonder how they judge who gets to be Miss Pink but I totally support the idea behind it i.e highlighting the breast cancer movement and getting it linked with beautiful woman and an organisation as big as Unduk Ngadau being a supporter of the organisation.

      I was reading DrkDude’s comment and he did mention that Mandy Nandu was a judge. Yes, I think family name does play a significant part in picking the winner. Dulu masa sia ikut all the time someone would be mentioning “oh, her sister joined and won this.” or “her aunty won what last year so memang tidak surprise if she win this year” etc etc…itu mindset is there and might unconciosly influence who gets to win? What do you think?

  4. Maria

    Sepatutnya juri dr kalangan yang bebas dan berkecuali.. Klu bgini x payahla anjur Unduk Ngadau.. Favorite sa dr Tuaran yg layak menang

  5. shasha

    Agree with Maria. I lost my interest in watching unduk ngadau anymore. From Bo Tiza’s IQ test, she should’nt be even the top 7. I heard madeline Nandu was her coach in that competition. And most of the judges are frm penampang. What a shame game! anyway, i like inanam, but she was so nervous during the IQ test too. So i picked Ranau. sadly, beaufort didnt manage go to top 7. Anyway…my conclusion is…this year’s unduk ngadau judgement was very miserable!

  6. xandria

    agree! saya perasaan kalau dia anak orang-orang kenamaan, like bo tiza, her grandpa is someone yang dikenali di penampang, senang lah dia menang. not fair la macam tu. everyone has the same chances to win bah. i afraid next time semua orang boikot unduk ngadau, the district pun tidak mau hantar lagi wakil setiap daerah, and people won’t come to the event. oh ya, and again. saya agree sama cakap Ms Audrey, kasi buat event yang betul-betul test Ke”KadazanDusun Murut” dorang bah, macam pigi tabasan ka, menjahit atap rumbia kah, apa-apa saja la. kalau mau gala night gia tu stail urang putih. make some identity yang special, or else bagus lagi tinggu miss world. sama saja.huhu..

    • Xandria, (love your name). I didn’t know her grandfather was someone quite well known in Penampang.

      Ah, i hope tidak sampai boikot la, tidak best kalau gitu 😦

      I think your right about setting an identity for Unduk Ngadau but for me presenting the girls in traditional clothes like kebaya and performing traditional dances or song would be good enough showcase the Malaysian feel to the event. Aish, sia rasa Unduk Ngadau lagi siok bah dari Miss World.

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