Kontroversi surrounding Unduk Ngadau 2011

Selamat pagi,

My next video was not suppose to be about Unduk Ngadau 2011 but I have had interesting discussions with Drkdude and Jmin (check out my comments in the previous post to have a look at what we have been discussing about). It highlighted a lot of main topics (to me) that seem to dog Miss Bo Tiza’s win. A lot of people are more focused on how she shouldn’t have won and speculating on how she did it. Which is normal in any kind of competition but speculations are running rampant regarding this particular competition. Ramai yang tidak puas hati due to 4 reasons (that I manage to glean off from the useful insights of my dear commenters).

1. Unduk Ngadau Penampang was not able to answer her question during the Q & A . I’m not very clear on this but from what I have read on David Araimaitii’s facebook and comments made from readers who were there, Bo didn’t have a ‘powderful’ answer for her question (will need to dig deeper to see what her question was). She not only was unable to give a satisfactory answer she also took a long time to answer it which prompted her to ask the crowd to give her a moment. According to sources, the audience laughed when she did this (which to me is a good sign, since she is adding humor to her plight) but many see this as a clear indication of how unprepared she was and surely, she would have lost a lot marks in the Q&A session, enough to jeopardize her chances at winning the pageant.

2. One of the judges is a friend of hers, Madelyne Nandu. Rumors of ‘pilih kasih’, bias marking and just pure ‘sokong orang sendiri’ mentality (supporting your own people). More telling is the fact that Madelyne Nandu also represented Penampang in the Unduk Ngadau in 2005. This has raised the ire of some who think because she was from Penampang and that she is Bo’s friend surely she had a hand in manipulating the marks?

3. This theory is pretty out there, but many believe that since the Penampang district hasn’t had a winner in the last two UN’s maybe it was time that they won. Hmmm, personally this seems a little bit far fetched but many truly believe this and feel that politics are involved in this year’s pageant and how a few key figures pressured the organizers/judges to ensure that this years crown goes to UN Penampang. Seriously bah. Unduk Ngadau is a serious business, people and don’t you forget it.

4. Apparently, Bo’s makeup artist is also part of the organizing committee for the Unduk Ngadau. Many have pointed out how unfair this is and it should not be allowed.

Personally, I feel there other issues out there that should be highlighted, one, is how appropriate is it to have a plastic surgeon judging a beauty competition that prides itself on highlighting natural beauty. Well, as natural as the girls can look underneath all that makeup (paitong!) and hair teasing. A need to review the layout and scheme of the pageant, how beneficial is it for the contestants to be there if they are not in the Top 15. Should they still participate in the finals even though they didn’t make it to the Top 15? It’s not cheap to be so beautiful and the cost would range from $500-$1200 depending on the costume, hair and makeup.

What do you think?

Also, I have a few suggestions that the organizers can consider to implement in the pageant next year but you’ll have to check out what it is at the end of my video 😛

Till Then



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33 responses to “Kontroversi surrounding Unduk Ngadau 2011

  1. drkdude

    nice one miss Audrey : )

    can’t say much more about it..enough ranting already hehe. hope people replying to this topic untuk kasi panas2 itu sarita hehe

  2. Aerleen

    I’ve seen a few people sharing a link to your youtube video on fb. I have a feeling you’ll be getting more hits soon 🙂

  3. lulaby

    apparently 22 months ago, someone commented that she is ‘bad from the inside’
    Bo Tiza A. Disimon

    her blog.

  4. jmin

    Hey there msaudreyc,

    I’ve now come to term that I can accept yang Tati BoTiza won. I don’t care that she stuttered ka, salah jawap ka, whatever.. mungkin sebab tidak emo sudah ni. lagipun bukan salah dia kan. but I really(x1000) want to share this blog post to you.


    I dont know if you have read it already but I am still gonna share this to you anyway.

    and yeah, nice video you have there. gotta invite more traffic to your blog also.

    • Ahh a friend in fb has shared this link. Drama butul is the blog owner one of the UN Telupid punya organizer?

      • jmin

        Yes. I wonder, siapa yang report suma ni yah? hahaha!
        I am not sure siapa admin blog ni. But it seems like administered by AJK2 UN Telupid.

  5. This issue is a hot topic right now, all about their dissatisfaction towards Bo Tiza and the contest. Just like in my latest post,


    I really hope that this kinda thing will not happen next year. No comments on the winners, because I didn’t come down to KDCA to witness it. I think I missed this year Unduk Ngadau big time. :/

  6. its not fair to judge through other people’s eyes.
    but kalau ingat2 since dulu semua pun tidak puas hati.
    my experience since 2009 covering this event, belum ada yg puas hati 100%
    in 2009, appey rowena (papar) memang tapi ramai tidak puas hati sebab penampang’s kimberly majalap supporter sangat ramai. in 2010 pula, when si crystel menang, ramai juga kutuk2 dia sebab dia dapat 2nd place in city hall unduk ngadau. many prefer connie yang menang.
    urang cakap kan… pasal unduk ngadau ni susah org mau cepat puas hati sebab all the contestants are beautiful.

  7. AJ

    1st tym pegi tgok UN 2011 d KDCA. Bikin kcewa eh, nmpk sgt bias ba. UN Tongod jwb bgus tp xdpt msuk finalis 7. I’m wonder apa la ciri2 UN sbnarnya. Klu suma UN cantik2 but xpndai jwb soalan. Pa la meaning 2? hoho. Btw, I agreed with ur idea audrey. hehe 😀

    • I wonder how Tongod looked on the day? Ok kah she answer, many said 20% saja to score untuk Q&A not that important. Pretty hard question you pose there AJ semua pun ada opinion sendiri of what a UN representative should have.

      Terer or not my suggestions. bwahahahahahahaha!

  8. why not next year tanya soalan yang lebih tradisional. barulah menguji minda. Then UN2 kita bertanding sapa pndai menebas rumput, membanting tulang disawah, tuai jagung, tarik ubi kayu, sumpit pelanduk, masak hinava.. barulah ciri2 tradisional Huminodun tu kekal. Iaitu ciri2 pandai cari makanan. barulah teda kontrovesi

  9. I was one of the official photographers throughout the event. I managed to attend every rounds/judging namely Gala Night, Preliminary Round, Top 15 and Top 7. Based on my amateur lense, the contestants performed consistently and possessed strengths in their own unique way. Some are gorgeous, fair looks, while others well balanced in terms of overall beauty and knowledge. From what I’ve observed, I strongly agree with the top seven line-ups, just a little bit disagree with their placing. I thought Tamparuli/Ranau/Sandakan/Tuaran would make it! Apa-apa pun, mereka semua top 7 adalah pemenang (tiada yang kalah), cuma ada satu tempat untuk PENERIMA title UNK2011, dan penerimanya pada tahun ini adalah Miss Penampang. Saya berpendapat juri melihat potensi yang ada dalam diri/personaliti penerima title tersebut dan berkeupayaan untuk diketengahkan. Bertitik tolak daripada aspek ini penerima title tersebut dilihat mempunyai sedikit kelebihan (berbanding peserta lain) yang menarik untuk dikembangkan. Saya yakin, dalam tempoh setahun akan datang, Miss Penampang akan melalui tempoh pembelajaran yang mampu mematangkan diri beliau dan seterusnya memikul tugas dan tanggungjawab sebagai Unduk Ngadau (yang mampu mencontohi lagenda Huminodun).

    Saya tertarik apabila Miss Penampang mengatakan “saya minta maaf sebab nervous.” Ia melambangkan kesantunan bahasa dan rasa rendah diri beliau kerana saya percaya pada ketika itu beliau sendiri merasakan tekanan yang SANGAT hebat serta saingan yang cukup mantap daripada rakan-rakan seperjuangan beliau. Dan, beliau masih mampu untuk menguntum senyuman dan mengatasi detik-detik yang agak meresahkan itu. Perkara ini, pada pandangan saya, dilihat sebagai suatu yang mengkagumkan apatah lagi memikirkan kepada faktor umur/kematangan/pengalaman beliau yang ternyata cukup “raw”. Sepanjang mengambil gambar beliau, saya dapat menangkap kegusaran yang terpalit di wajahnya dan adakalanya kurang yakin dalam diri beliau. Namun, masih mampu ditangani dengan cara beliau yang tersendiri. Peserta lain? Sama saja bah. Semua tidak terlepas! Semua pun ada juga yang takut-takut dan kurang confident.

    On the other side, I think Miss Penampang’s overall mark is still in the leading position after the QA session ended. She might have obtained the lowest marks among others during QA, but who knows maybe the other criteria helped her in the total marks?

    To top all, whatever it would be, let us come back to the objective. What is the UNK objective? Is it still relevant till now? Tepuk dada, tanya akal fikiran.

    Just my humble two cents 🙂

    • Hey Mr Stevie, Thank you very much for your awesome comment. I love how you gave me an inside scoop of a media person and getting so close to the contestants as you take their photo. I agree with you about the fact that UN Penampang handled herself well during the Q&A especially when she was battling the nerves.

      This is an excellent question you have posed here: “To top all, whatever it would be, let us come back to the objective. What is the UNK objective? Is it still relevant till now? Tepuk dada, tanya akal fikiran.”

      Totally worth the two cents Mr Stevie.

      • Thank you so much, msaudreyc (Audrey, isn’t it?).

        Plus, I think the committee should brain-storm on a new mechanism for judging. They might as well consider these:

        (1) Judging criteria (introduce new element such as audience impact; Kadazandusun-murut-rungus-equivalent practices, language usage, and et cetera). Now, why I say audience impact should be considered. This is a way of showing respect to the audience’s opinion. They, also, play vital role in the whole process (indirectly) for the UNK selection. Be it in the sms voting system, ticket, and they deserve to pick their desired queen based on their knowledge. Having said that, to balance the total marks, the audience impact proportion can be set in a reasonable percentage. The professional judges are still PROFESSIONAL, anyway.

        (2) The reliability of the questions – avoid repetition. The set of questions should exist in varieties. None of the questions should appear the same in any of the the envelopes. (Kalau mau juga, use headphone/earphone supaya contestant lain tidak boleh dengar soalan tersebut).

        (3) The selection of judges should be consistent. The judges should remain the same throughout the competition. Or, a different group of judges can be appointed, and this new group should be totally different from the previous round. (Kalau mau sama, kasi sama. Kalau tidak mau sama, jangan kasi sama).

        (4) Top 40, top 20, top 10, and finally top 7. This will promote a rigorous screening, thus, only qualified candidates can go through the next level.

        Yawning! Nite nite 🙂

  10. mandy

    one word for UN 2011…………. BIAS!!!

  11. mandy

    NO kuda…. i was just one of the audiences. My opinion was based on the look, personality and IQ test. Also the rumours I heard during the contest.
    My suggestion is – why dont the KDCA let other district to handle and organize the next State level Kaamatan as well as the UN. What is the big problem of that? IF UPKO kaamatan did it that way….why not the KDCA kaamatan? Just to make it more fair…… maybe other districts dont have as big hall as in KDCA but are SPACE n& SIZE really a big matter for this important occasion to all KADUS?

  12. Nancy

    AS penampang lass, i’m proud that Penampang has produced so many UN. They (all the winners represented Penampang) deserved it. But my own opinion for this year?….Bo Tiza was pretty & good during the last UN contest. BUt I honestly I tot these winners:
    1st- Tamparuli
    2nd- Ranau
    3rd- Tuaran
    4th- Likas
    5th – KK
    6th- Beufort
    7th- Penampang.

    Anyway congrate Bo Tiza….. Any rumours….Dont blame at her….but the organisers & Judges. TQ

  13. i came across ur blog while looking for stuff about Atama’s but i couldnt help it – gatal oo tangan mo comment 😛 … or b4 dat – i hate the guy – Atama. coming back to the UN – the result was ugly – i was there and i disagree … but hey, it was a good “show” for us photographers 🙂 …

  14. hi audrey 🙂
    really interesting conversation going on here. I know this is like way past the UN fever, but i’m currently on an assignment about unduk ngadau (my title of presentation)So, yup! i was googling here n there bout this topic and it brought me here 🙂 So, i might as well take this opportunity to dig some info from u. harap buli la 🙂 anyway, my question here is, what is the actual criteria of a UN winner besides beauty, personality, IQ?

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