Video me good

Videos are not as hard to do when compared to blogging. I don’t have to worry about spelling, commas, apostrophes and grammar. I think the only downside with video is that I have to not try to look too homely (which is what I look like most of the time) i.e glasses, greasy hair pushed back with a head band, baggy t-shirts, track suit and comfy stockings. I do tend to talk too fast but its good practice to be more concise and coherent. Coherent is good or maybe not. What do I hope to achieve with this? Hmm, nothing much, may be a few more subscribers just to see if I can get subscribers. I could say that I want to aim to be the next YouTube star but that would be a lie. That would take too much effort and work then I am ready to give plus a woman of my age doing something like this seems a bit desperate. It’s as if I have not yet grown up and am still stuck in the past of my successful teenage years.

Well, well, well, writing that down, I might have had a glimpse of my inner self that I did know about but have been ignoring and hiding it at the back of my mind. It doesn’t look very flattering you know. Almost hitting 30 and am still unable to move on and build a more satisfactory life for myself. But hey, that is what growing up is all about right? Living life is to continuously have new experiences that will make me a better person, emotionally more stable and physically better (if only I could stop munching on ginger nuts this could be a reality). That’s what the self help books seem to say but I think life is messy, dirty and altogether terribly unpredictable and that’s just the way I like it. I want to have a chance no matter how small that today I might be sitting behind a desk writing for my blog and then the next I could find myself diving with dugongs in Sabah or be part of an award winning documentary team or eating ice cream in Mongolia or walking down a dirt road deep in the wops (that’s slang for ‘rural’ to you non kiwis) in South Island or just plain ol’ dead from an incurable disease. Life is great like that. Not knowing what is going to happen or the fact that I might have the greatest time of my life or the worst. Like playing roulette and the odds are very high, your life on the line.

Dramatic much?

“What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out.” — Alfred Hitchcock

Till Then


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