Blogging for the sake of blogging (the best kind)

I am going to be random so if you wish to read a post  that makes sense and follows a logical order, you have come to the wrong blog today.

As winter starts to grow roots into this year I have a feeling it will be a long time till I feel the sun on my face. I really don’t dislike winter, I just find that winter is a relative that I love but not rather see too often. Does that make sense? It doesn’t? Very rarely do I make sense.

So, ever since I got my new phone (4 months old now) and I have been immersed in this beast called Social Media. Its mind boggling, there was this whole community that I didn’t know existed. It is wildly interesting and terribly terrifying at the same time. So many things to read about, understand and digest before I can even contemplate to participate.

I have always prided myself on not needing my phone with me 24/7 but with all the new gadgets and having the access to Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail at the tip of my fingers is pretty crazy! I’m behind the band wagon but I am definitely catching up and if catching up is counted by how many times I look at my phone and reconnect to the World Wide Web then I’m at the front of the line baby.

Left to my own devices I always start something but never ever continue. So, in my quest to be a finisher and not a procrastinator I will try to upload videos on youtube once or twice a week from the 1st of June 2011. 50 strokes of the lash (inflicted online please) if I fail to do so. Eek!

On another note, my mate Maggie (who is actually called Magnus, hates to be called Maggie, but who cares) got injured at football last, last, last Saturday. He was heading a ball and instead of landing gracefully back on his feet, he landed on his ankle. OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!!!!!! I just had this spine tingling sensation typing that down. Ooo, I can just imagine the pain.

My sister (the hairy monkey, don’t get angry, I lub you tooz) is asking me to get her a laptop. She sent me an email with a list of things that she wants to come with the laptop.

“righteousness. Are u gonna get me one or am i buying myself? If ur getting me one from there.. I want a blue one, with good speakers and a webcam( yg sdh disediakan) and with a good microsoft office with powerpoint and all. And.. Bluetooth and wireless wifi.. U know, like the modern one. I saw one.. A dell laptop which cost about 1600 . Oh and, if u do get me one from NZ, can u ask bron to put L4D2 in there. Games are good for relaxing the mind. Esp when it comes to killin zombies. Well, that’s about it. Hehe. Xoxo”

Did you read the whole thing? When I read it the first time all I saw was:

“righteousness. Are u gonna get me one or am i buying myself? If ur getting me one from there.. I want a blue one, money gone, money gone, money gone and with a good more money going out. And.. even more money going out.. U know, like the modern one. I saw one.. so much money going out . *bzzzz….static* Esp when it comes to killin zombies. Well, that’s about it. Hehe. Xoxo”

Great, my sister thinks money grows out of my a$$. I feel the love.

The next topic should have a post on its own since it is very much an event worth celebrating. After 8 years of sleeping on an ancient mattress MOH deigned to let go of the purse strings (he has a death hold on them) and got us a new bed! I am ecstatic! Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Martha!

Oh, the mess! Macam kandang babi (my mum would say)

Ok, I didn’t really name her Martha but the name just popped out as I typed this so we’ll stick with that for now. Martha is such a clean and innocent name and at the moment this bed is exactly that, clean and innocent. Fresh and new and straight from the warehouse! (Rolls on it multiple times). Did you know, I was so happy I rolled on it many times and then I rolled off by mistake and hit my head on the lamp. Not my finest moment but I was alone so it’s all good. If your wondering where is my sangat the tua bed, you can read it here “so there I was…”

I was thinking of redoing my about me page. What should I write? Any suggestions? I have no idea why I bother asking when I only get (usually) one comment and that is mostly always from Li Yang and she is bound to say something snarky. But I am a polite person and even if there is no one out there that will reply to my sane query I will still ask anyway, as it is the proper thing to do.

Speaking of out there, Absolutely Fuzzy is in Oia. Ugh…jealousy overload.

Truly, if I had a choice I would burrow myself in the duvet covers and settle in my new bed and not come out till winter is over. I shall blame every depressing, negative thing happening to me on the weather. It seems like a very Kiwi thing to do.

Till Then.



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2 responses to “Blogging for the sake of blogging (the best kind)

  1. Liyang

    You mean your bio? Make it short and snappy with a nude picture of yourself. It seems the hottest thing to do right now to get noticed btw.

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