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Where has the time gone??? I was suppose to post this last week but got caught up with the Unduk Ngadau stories and then POOG! Satu minggu has passed by. How absolutely shit scary is that?

So scary -_-









I just felt like saying words that started with ‘scar’. Anyhoo, backlog of photos, so, I thought why not spam it on my blog since this blog is about me (10 points for brilliance, please!) Oldest to newest, starting now!


Office Warming Part for Social Media (last month kah tu? can’t remember when it was)

 Never met so many geeks in a room before. It was good, I felt at home, wanted and accepted. Good feelings all around. I also met the creator of Social Media NZ. Some says he is the King of Twitter in New Zealand . Whatever it is, he is a genuinely nice guy.


MOH in a room of twitterers and random people since it was a combined office warming party with 3 other companies.


Ferren, Lance who is in real estate and Simon who co owns a social media company called SY Engage

 The beginnings of an epic night out:

Grace and Kevin

Katsu, Ferren and Kwang

Kwangzie Moto and Brontosaurus

Gracilla, Ferrenizer, Please ignore her

Please ignore him too

Camera shy. Minutes after this photo was taken the contents of her stomach were laid out for all to see in James carpet.

Group photo!



Dinner with the gang! This is where Ferren invites us to out to go for dinner, she uses her 50% off voucher and the rest pay full price. Nice.


That’s how MOH looked when we had to pay the bill. No joke.


You can’t see it in the photo but the moon in New Zealand is huge! Like in your face, huge!


The band members waiting for entry into Mangere Island (did you know there was an island down South? You didn’t? well you learn something new everyday)


It was a beautiful wedding, I didn’t get to take a picture of the bride but the setting of the ceremony was ‘O’ for awesome. The band played for about 2 hours of non stop Caribbean goodness.

Golf at Formosa . So fun! Tried out the 4 seater buggy and I have never felt so much excitement for anything on four wheels before. I rode the hills like a demon and went as fast as lightning (well, as fast as a golf cart buggy lightning can go). We broke into two groups

 Group 1

MOH, Chin, Jason

Group 2

Trang, Vic, Ferren, Daniel


A flower tea thingamajig that I bought from Taiwan (up in the mountains, yo) look how pretty the flower is?

Photo courtesy of Ferren who had the utmost luck to receive said tea flower thingamajig from me as a gift.


Not sure what happened here, but it caused a massive traffic jam stopping right smack in the middle of the train crossing. Our 5 minute drive from home turned into a half an hour wait from hell. It’s always bad when you have a full grown, hungry man in the car who turns beastly and grunts when his stomach is not full. Doesn’t take much for them to revert back to their ancestors. Neanderthal, much?


 Beautiful day at golf, Mangawhai Golf Course


Now let me spoil the view for you, TA DA!


The sight to the 5th hole if I’m not mistaken


Fuiyoh, not sure if that pose is correct but look at the intense concentration!


Nice view of the golf course at Mangawhai (right click to see in full size)


I usually like to go around in a cart since my delicate self can’t abide walking, but all the carts were taken, so, I had to walk.


I love this picture, I just wished the light wasn’t at the @$$ part. It look like he did a fart of gastronomical proportions. However, sometimes, the amount of gas he expels could really create a small planet.


One last night with J&J before they head off to Singapore  (right click for bigger photo)


I gasped when I saw this photo, I have wrinkles. WRINKLES!!! HOLY MOTHER…OF WRINKLES!!!!


Tried to take another photo and nope, still can see the wrinkles. Fail. Old.



Ferren & Jason

Well then, lets end here shall we? On a positive note and bla bla bla and all that jazz.




Till Then




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