Atama vs KDCA vs UMNO vs PBS

Round 1! (Dan round yang terakhir for me on this subject unless someone goes to jail)

Soooo, this SplatZoner left a comment on Youtube asking me what I thought about the Atama incident and I’m like…what incident? I Googled Atama but nothing came up. However, I decided to join his Facebook network, lo and behold drama unfolds. If you’re interested, here is the link to his facebook and a link to answer your question on who is Atama?

Link: Atama’s Facebook

So the whole she-bang is between a local artist and theSabahgovernment officials. One, is the Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah who is also a Huguan Siou of the Kadazan Dusun Murut community. What is a Huguan Siou I hear you ask, I also don’t know but my Tard 1 gave me a photo which  sums it up pretty neatly.

The other official is the Chief Minister of Sabah and the last person involved in this is a member of UMNO (political party). All three were seen in a picture drinking a cup (each) of some sort of beverage. The photo itself is not the problem, the problem lies in what Atama did with the said photo. So instead of me typing and repeating myself (since I cover this in the video) you can click on this link to see what Atama did with the photo.

Link 1: Sabahan Rapper, Rapped For Childish Remark

Link 2: Atama’s sketch…the three stooges

So the photo went out to the public via his Facebook and the shit hit the fan (pusing la kau kipas, jangan tidak pusing). Some were amused and supported Atama, it showed a brave soul who was willing to shed the truth on the plights of the Kadazan Dusum Murut community inSabah. Many believe it is a race that is slowly dwindling into extinction and the parties that are suppose to protect this heritage are actually capitalizing and exploiting them. Others are criticizing Atamas rebellious act as childish, immature and inevitable since Atama is a self glorifying artist who only cares about himself and will stoop to nothing to get more popular. It received such a bad response that a complaint was lodged against Atama by the PBS Youth (political party). Kena sue si kawan.

That was in January, and just when you think the dust has settled, someone goes and stirs the hornet’s nest. Atama was scheduled to perform at the Unduk Ngadau on the 31st of May but was barred by the organizers even though they were the ones who invited him to perform. Apparently, according to Atama he found out that one of the individuals in the photo that he mocked was responsible for barring his performance. Which was a strategical move from Tan Sri since the Unduk Ngadau has a very high profile inSabahand attracts thousands of spectators from all overSabahand tourist from various parts of the world. Atama lost his chance to introduce his new song to the local public as well the potential to snag more fans in the process. Sandih urang bilang.

Link: Defamed Pairin barred musician from peforming

Link 2: Don’t invite and then prevent artistes from performing: DAP

Cut the long story short (ahbutthen?) Atama is humiliated and wishes to take legal action. Si kawan pun sue balik. He visits a member of  Kota Kinabalu parliament to see what can be done and all we can do now is see if there will be an all out war between Atama and the Government.

Link 1: Atama kana ban?

In the meantime I asked Atama on his Facebook wall if he was busy with any upcoming events and it seems this whole fiasco hasn’t stop him from getting offers for jobs as he is currently involved in a Telemovie in July and new releases coming out soon.  My video summarizes what happened, (apa de jadi?) and what is currently going on. If your not from KK you won’t understand what the heck I’m saying but then again even if your in KK you might still not understand what I’m trying to say so…so…I forgot what I was about to say. In the end maybe don’t watch the video la.

If the content is not to your liking, watch it for the pure entertainment of how my hair can look so bad after it has just been washed. Check out my hair’s parting maut near the end.


Diorang bilang Tanak Wagu itu, Tanak Wagu ini, lama-lama jadi Tak-nak wagu sudah la.

Till Then.



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11 responses to “Atama vs KDCA vs UMNO vs PBS

  1. bebe

    I am not a big fan of Atama. Tapi buli2 la.. ada lagu dia yang saya suka. ada yang buat saya tutup radio or change channel kalau on air. I didn’t really follow up what happen antara atama and the Big G ni. Tapi masa kk riuh pasal atama punya post gambar di FB tu. saya ada juga pigi silik2.
    I think people who said he made a childish move sebab:
    for one, tinguk la brapa umur ba si atama tu. kira gontua tapi masi main kumik2 sama gambar orang;
    two, orang yang ikut arus politik yang memang sapot Big G
    tiga, orang yang berpendapat yang atama is thinking he is superior and can get away by posting on FB.
    People who sapot atama ni of course family and friends dia as well as fans.
    two, people who have the same opinion of Big G like him.
    three, … err… itu saja yang saya tau.

    and then masa di kdca tu saya ada pergi and heran juga sebab dia tidak naik2 untuk perform. pdhal ada terdgr MC sebut he will perform. at the time i seriously thought: aaa~ atama tidak juga perfrom. takut kali dia sbb tiga3 orang Big G yang dia uluk2 tu ada kali. then, the next day baru saya tau yang dia kena halang naik pentas on the day pulak.

    I think as an artist, yes they should be the one who give positive influence to youngsters. Tapi post yang dia post on FB tu tidak patut dia buat. nampak post dia gitu, macam tu niece and nephew saya yang cari gaduh sama orang dalam FB. and he accuse those BigG people w/o proof. walaupun kita “rasa2 tahu” siapa yang buat semua accusation atama tu or ada hearsay yang buka mulut, it is not a solid proof yang kita boleh guna untuk tuduh seseorang tu. bila dia kena halang dari perform, kira macam padan muka jugak la.


    saya pun tidak sapot orang2 Big G tu buat begitu dengan atama. As much as atama irritates me (sometimes), he is there to perform for KDM’s big celebration. Pesta kaamatan should not be ruined by politic feud bah. It is suppose to be a get together celebration. apa salahnya kasi step aside all differences and celebrate the festival. kalau orang tidak sapot, dorang ni lah yang perlu dikasi tinguk bukti yang Big G do care. bilang 1S, 1B, 1M…………………………….. atama also rakyat baaaah

    p/s: Big G, kalau kamu silik2 komen saya ni, jangan kamu rasa tidak puas hati sama saya aa. kadang2 saya sapot kamu juga baaa. walaupun kadang2, besar juga makna dia tu.. hehehehe

  2. ha ha ha ha ha Bebe, I loved reading your comment!

    It was insightful and sincere, I like! I totally get where your coming from and it makes me want to agree with you! Love the BIG G for our wakil-wakil govt. I think what you have pointed out are pretty valid points. I can see that even if ada rasa-rasa of perkara tidak senonoh happening one cannot just point the finger without concrete evidence which i totally agree with. But sometimes one also has to ‘rock the boat’ orang bilang just to see how others take it.

    Granted style si Atama and how he went about it lack finesse but I think he meant to get a reaction. Both to get himself in the spotlight as well as to highlight issues close to his heart. How the other party responds will be the indication of guilt or lack of. Like the saying “where there is smoke, there will be fire”.

    But that’s just me thoughts and the BIG G (kalo la they read this comment) would actually commend you for such a comment and if they don’t I will.


    • bebe

      ya. i agree with you and i think he wants response AND some publicity. Remember the Negarakuku singer, Namewee. He was nobody. He used to be a student who likes to take video about anything interesting; make some songs about ahgua; make some rhymes about the hardship of the chinese society living in this country, and then sudenly, came up with Negarakuku, post it on YouTube and BOOM! Now, he is not only famous, he is a young man that many chinese youngsters look up to. totally a ‘zero become hero’ punya story.

      I think atama is exactly like Namewee. they both rap; use other song and add some twist to make as their own; have a funny face. cuma si atama ni Borneon version. hahahaha

      bukan Big G saja la, atama pun saya takut juga. sebab dia banyak supporter. sudah tu very the sangat opinionated. saya pula ada tasu sama tingau jak di belakang saya. itupun takut orang semua. sudah tu, saya brani komen anonymously tapi tidak brani muncul. so kalau atama nampak komen ni, jangan marah yaa. jangan kasi malu saya di FB. walaupun i am not a big fan, I am amuse with your charisma, atama. so majulah music untuk sabah!!!!

      • I vaguely remember a Namewee (will check him out right after this). Ha ha ha ha Atama does have alot of fans if his ‘like’ followers on FB are any indication. However, I think what out nation needs is a mentality to give and take. Give as much as you take. So if you berani kritik etc, then one must also receive the same or more amount back in response. From there we can grow and mayhap progress towards a better environment for all. But like I said la easier said then done.

  3. I dont care about what happened to Atama & his friends at KDCA. Yg sya tau Kaamatan bukan lagi perayaan yg unik, sebab sekarang Kaamatan sdah campur lumpur Politik. Damn ass!
    Anyway, actually, bnyk perkara di Sabah ni yg tida ngam, tapi apa kita buat? Paling2 diam2..bukan takut tapi tida minat. Kita urus perkara sendiri saja. I mean, kita selalu pikir..aahh.. malas lah mo layan.
    Pndapat sya bgini, bagus juga ada urg mcm c Atama ni sebab dia menyuarakan perkara2 yg miring tu bagi pihak kita, Baah, kita kan zip mulut saja. Biarlah bah dia menyampaikan suara rakyat. After all, KITA KAN YG MENGUNDI?!!
    Siapa bah Big G kalu teda kita? Kalu kita diaaaaaaammm saja, maknanya kita tida peduli hal2 yg tida ngam tu, Sedangkan kita urg SABAH! Open your eyes guys!
    Yg hal d KDCA tu, itu sdah bcampur Politik tu..tingulah, baru mau buat show di pentas pun sudah kana banned, Apa mcm mo maju muzik tanah air?
    Apa lagi mo support artis Sabah..kalu artis dari Semenanjung datang bukan main lagi.
    Artis local mcm tai saja kana buat.

    • Hmm Nicholhead, banyak point yang valid di sini. Kaamatan has always campur politik, I think but macam mkin popular Kaamatan makin kuat involvement governtment but hey that’s life where there is profit there will be those who will cash in on it.

      Diam-diam is ok but if there is concrete proof we should band together and have one voice. But your right, itu mentality of “malas mo layan” is a killer to our culture and a threat to our very existence as KDM.

      Kalo Atama satu orang not enough la, the ripple that he will make not enough to create a storm but who knows, he might be the spark to the start of a great fire to cleanse the earth and help us start again.

      Your right about the treatment of our local artist but then again if our local artist are smart they might venture forth to the West work hard there and bring back the fruits of their labour back to our home town. But easier said then done la.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  4. Barefooted Lotud

    I seriously think that the photo of the soup drinking was a very bald thing to be done by atama in the 1st place.. Somebody have to be either crazy, brave or stupid to do such thing. But somehow he sent the message through … What every single Sabahan have in the mind and heart, but didnt have the guts to let it out , Atama did it… So kudos to him…. They filed a police report against him audrey… From what I read in the newspaper… they havent manage to sue him yet…. but the government is a very strong and slick “side” …. Sooner or later they are gonna be able to do something that would leave atama on the losing “side” … as we all know,they already did something during the Unduk Ngadau…. It was a very big blow to him… If I was in his place.. i’d be humiliated too … Anyway…. In every government there should be an opposition… in every marriage…the husband is the government… and the wide is the opposition… hehehe…..The opposition is what keep the government clean (at least in the eyes of the people) …

    • Oh thanks for clarifying that he hasn’t been sued yet ( I wasn’t too sure). yes your right about the Big G waiting for the time to net Atama. Alamak adakah the wife opposition. Bukan Bos kah itu bini? 😛

  5. antugundul

    In my opinion, kalu mau hentam, hentam yg BIG BOSS la… buat hentam sama2 orang Sabah sendiri, dorng pun nda bole buat apa2 tu kalu org semenanjung bilang “no”… Jadi ni si ATAMAK pi hentam dorng Big G ja.. nda da guna, bagus dia hentam c Najib, c Muhidin… sapa2 pemimpin atasan baru adil… baru dia rasa tingi langit & bumi.. ni yg orang2 bawahan yg ikut cakap semenanjung pula dia hentam.. Kalu betul2 jantan, hentam pemimpin semananjung ba.. budu betul…

  6. Barefooted Lotud

    Ms.Audrey … Bini tu umpama ahli politik dari Sabah yang kana bagi post dalam kerajaan … supaya mulut durang tutup… hahahahahahahahhahaha just kidding…

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