Winner of Miss Earth/Sabah 2011

Woo, I’m sure most of you know who won (since I’ve been slow on the uptake and not being well at the weekend didn’t help the cause) but here I am with the results (better late then never orang bilang.

Congratulations to the winners. Total surprise here, I must admit from the photos I barely glanced at Olivia (goes to show how deceiving first impressions can be). Many thanks to Tania who posted the results on my  fb and Alexander Verus for posting the results in the comments sectionn. Exciting times for the winner. Soon it will be Miss Malaysia/Sabah World and Miss Malaysia/Sabah Universe but that’s for another post. Onward ho to the winners!


The winners of Miss Earth/Sabah 2011

From left, Vanessa Samantha (3rd runner up),  Kieren Laurent (1st runner up), Olivia Vun (Miss Earth Sabah 2011) ,Crystel Eve (2nd runner up)


Olivia Vun

First Runner Up

Kieren Laurent


2nd Runner Up

Crystel Eve


3rd Runner Up

Vanessa Samantha

Photo taken from

Miss Earth Sabah 2011 Facebook

Vincent Facebook

Till Then


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