Sakit hati

The heart hurts. Lets talk about heart break.

What does one do when one’s heart is broken? Do you go see a doctor? Do you speak to a friend? Do you go online and find ways to glue the pieces of your heart together? Do you find a substitute to love? Do you lash out in anger? Do you blame others? Do you blame yourself?

What does one do when one’s heart is broken?

Some find refuge in anger, writing endlessly on how the one you love will regret the day they broke your heart, some crawl into a hole and weep, lick their wounds and not come out till they can piece together their fractured heart. I know some who just walk away, seal the painful part deep inside themselves never to revisit the memory, like it never happened. Some play musical beds and try to find solace in strangers arms. Trying to reclaim their worth in beds of others only to find that their worth diminishes as they jump from one bed to the other. Some harm themselves in order to get attention, who knows the one who left will  return to love them once again.

Love is a fleeting emotion, only made to last if blood and sweat is added to the equation. Love is not like a weed where once the seed has been sown with a little water and sunlight it will flourish. No, love, true love needs constant care and supervision, a soft touch and kind words. Love is a fragile thing that can only grow stronger with time and care. Love is hard work  but there is never a guarantee that it will last and that is what makes love special. A moment, a touch, a word, a glance and your in love. A shout, a push, a face turned away, a lie and your out of love.

What does one do when one’s heart is broken?

Till Then


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